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General Information


Students wanting to audit a class are required to wait until after the second class meeting to sign up for auditing on a space-available basis upon permission from the instructor. This is to ensure that students desiring to take classes for credit toward degree or certificate completion are given the opportunity to do so. The cost is $15 per unit per semester and it must be paid at the time of registration. Students enrolling in 10 or more units and auditing 3 or fewer units will not be required to pay the $15 per unit fee. Audit fees are non-refundable.

Bookstore Authorizations

Students who have submitted all required financial aid documentation, who are in acceptable SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) standing, and officially enrolled in classes for the semester may be eligible for a Bookstore Authorization to utilize financial aid funds to purchase books in the Viking Shop Book Store. Authorizations are available the week before the semester begins through the Thursday of the second week class. Any funds utilized will reduce the student's financial aid check. If it's determined the student is ineligible for financial aid after the Bookstore Authorization has been used, the student will be in overpayment for the funds and will be required to pay back the amount of the overpayment to the College.

Cancelled Classes

Students will be notified via email if a class is cancelled before the first day of class. If a class must be cancelled after classes begin, the instructor will inform the students and signs will be posted on the classroom door. Keep your address and phone number current. Refunds will be processed automatically.

Change in Address

Admissions and Records should be notified of any change in address, phone number, name, or social security number. Address and phone number changes may also be made by logging into your student account online ,

Class Conflicts

Students may not enroll in two or more sections of the same class during the same term unless the sections do not have overlapping dates. Students may not enroll in classes where the meeting time or the start and end times of the classes are the same. Students may petition to the Scholastic Standards Committee through Admissions and Records to enroll in classes with overlapping times, not to exceed ten minutes, if failure to enroll would prevent the student from completing the program of study in a timely manner. Students may not petition for overlapping enrollment for mere scheduling convenience.

College Catalog

The college catalog may be viewed at Barstow Community College Catalog.

Delinquent Debts / Holds

Check your account online to view any registration holds. Check with the appropriate office to clear any outstanding holds. Holds must be removed before you can complete the registration process.

Fee Refunds

To be eligible for a fee refund, the student must drop the class within 10% of the class (login to your account and view your Schedule and Account Information for the Refund Deadline as it varies by class) and submit a Petition for Refund to Admissions and Records before the petition deadline. Refunds are not automatic unless the class is cancelled. To determine the deadline by which you must drop a class, please login to your account and view your Schedule and Billing Statement or contact Admissions and Records.

Grades and Transcripts

Students may obtain grades and unofficial transcripts via the internet by logging on to their student account. Students may also see a counselor for an unofficial transcript.

To order official transcripts, go online to . Only online transcript requests will be processed during registration. Email or call (760) 252-2411 ext 7236 for more information.

Pass/No Pass Grades

If a class is offered with a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) option, you may elect to take the class on that basis. Pass (P) is equivalent to passing a class with a “C” or better. Grades of P/NP will not be computed in the student’s grade point average. Electing this P/NP option is irreversible. Petitions for P/NP grading are available from Admissions and Records and must be returned by the deadline. Inquire in Admissions and Records for deadlines for other short-term classes.

Repeating Classes

Any class in which a student receives a “W,” “D,” “F,” “FW,” or “NP” may be repeated twice. Upon repetition, if a higher grade is earned, only the higher grade shall be used in computing the grade point average, although the original entry will always remain on the student’s permanent record ensuring a true and complete academic history. Class repetition for legally mandated training may be allowed. Please see the College Catalog for more information.

Self-Service for Students through the Web

Not only can you add and drop classes via the Internet, you can also access a number of student services. The Self-Service for Students through the Web includes viewing your academic transcript, class schedule for the term, and your student account. .

Maximum Units Allowed (Study Loads)

Fall and Spring: Students may enroll in 18 units or fewer without approval. Students desiring to enroll in 18.5 - 21 units must have a 3.0 GPA and request approval by submitting the Maximum Unit Increase Form to Admissions and Records.

Summer: Students may enroll in 10 units or fewer without approval. Students desiring to enroll in more than 10 units must have a 3.0 GPA and request approval by submitting the Maximum Unit Increase Form to Admissions and Records.