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Distance Education

Online courses are presented over the Internet.  These courses allow students to do their work from home on computers through the use of the internet and commercial internet providers.

For technical questions and concerns, you can call the Barstow Community College Teaching and Learning Support Center at (760) 252-2411 ext 7261. For registration and counseling information you can call the Barstow Community College Admissions and Records Office at (760) 252-2411 ext 7236.

NOTE: All off campus military students enrolling in online classes must submit applications, enrollment forms, and tuition assistance (TA) forms during the enrollment period. If you do not meet the deadlines, you will not be registered in time to complete classes.

Please be aware that courses are posted the day they begin.  If the course is cancelled and your contact information with the college is current, you will be notified of the course cancellation by the Barstow College Instruction Department.

Students must order their textbooks directly from the Barstow campus bookstore. Call (760) 252-6722.


You will need to log into the Viking Login Portal to gain access to your online courses.  Once you are in the Viking Login portal click Canvas to access your classes.

How to access the Viking Login Portal tutorial

The above tutorial will explain how to access the new Viking Login Portal.

If you still need assistance with your username and password please call 760-252-2411 x7261 to receive further assistance.