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Welcome to Barstow College Promise 2.0!

Barstow College Promise 2.0: Your Path to a Debt-Free Education

The Barstow College Promise 2.0 is a two-year program designed to help you embark on a path to a college education and prepare for a successful future. Our promise to you is to make your first two years of community college as DEBT FREE as possible. We're thrilled to announce that Promise 2.0 has expanded to include ALL eligible first-time, full-time students!

Eligibility Requirements

To become a Promise student, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a full-time student interested in pursuing a career technical certificate, Associate degree, or Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT).
  • Be a first-time college student.
  • Be a California resident or AB540 eligible college student.
  • Be interested in enrolling in at least 12 units each semester for two years at Barstow Community College.

Benefits of Barstow College Promise 2.0

As a Promise student, you'll enjoy an array of benefits and support services:

  • Enrollment Fees Paid for TWO Years: Students completing a minimum of 12 units per semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0 will receive a grant covering all enrollment fees for any gap left after applying for financial aid.
  • Priority Registration in Fall and Spring Semesters: Secure your spot in high-demand classes with early registration.
  • Textbook Vouchers and/or School Supplies: Access resources to aid your studies.
  • Expanded Opportunities: Eligible students can participate in multiple programs simultaneously and take advantage of various services, including EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, ACCESS, 9-Line, VETS, YESS, STEP, and REBOUND.
  • College Counseling: Receive guidance to support your academic and career goals.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from the assistance of Student Success Advisors throughout your college journey.

In addition, all students can avail themselves of the following FREE campus services:

  • TLSC (Teaching and Learning Support Center)
  • The Mindful Space (FREE Mental Health Services)
  • Adult Education
  • Associated Student Government & Student Life
  • Food Pantry
  • Student Services Tutorials

Please note that book vouchers and school supplies are subject to available funding.

How to Join Barstow College Promise

  1. Apply to BCC: Submit your application to Barstow Community College.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid: Complete the financial aid application process.
  3. Complete BCC Orientation and Education Planning: Attend orientation and plan your education pathway.
  4. Register for Classes: Select and register for your desired classes.