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Student Services

Dear Students,

The College experience involves so much more than just mere classes! The Division of Student Services at Barstow Community College is here to provide you with an abundance of support services that will help you get started, get adjusted, get involved, get your degree, and get on the road to fulfilling your dreams. We understand that you are a unique individual with personality, different academic needs and social needs. As such, we offer you personalized attention from caring professionals, which are top in their fields, which are dedicated and committed to assist you in completing your academic, career, and personal goals.

We know, that students who are involved succeed at a higher level than those who do not participate. Because the Student Services staff is committed to your success you will find many things to be involved with here at BCC, such activities as sports: Men and Woman’s basketball, baseball or softball. Student Life is outstanding, our student government is involved with both the campus and the community. Our clubs are active and engaging. Every activity is aimed at providing leadership experience, academic experiences and engagement, and personal and social growth. BCC student services is all about self-discovery and holistic development. Therefore be:

Be Active in Your Learning. GO to class, spending time with your professors and other students. Learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. Be an active learner by attending our outstanding theatre productions, concerts, athletic events and community events.

Be Involved in Your College Experience. Learning is a “Contact Sport!” Go bump into somebody and learn! The college experience is all about showing up, being present, and being engaged. Assume a leadership position early and grow in your civic engagement, join one of our outstanding clubs or audition for a play. Be involved it will change your life

Be Safe. Barstow Community college is located within one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the nation. The relationship between the community and the college is close. However, we all play a part in the safety and security of this campus and community. Collectively we must all be vigilant about taking care of ourselves and each other. Please always remember to report suspicious behavior, ask for help when needed, and make smart choices within the context of your freedoms.

This is an exciting time not only in your life but also at the Barstow Community college. We are honored to challenge and support you in your learning and development. With the College’s mission and core values as our guide, our goal is to assist you in a transformational experience that will help you be the change in your own life—and in the lives of others.


Student Services