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Mission | Vision | Values


Barstow Community College is committed to providing an equitable, accessible, and affordable education to its diverse student body, including local, military, distance education, and historically marginalized student populations. Through a variety of high-quality and comprehensive degree, certificate, and job skills training programs, we provide holistic student support with clear and diverse educational pathways that provide students with life-long learning and networking opportunities, critical thinking skills, and success in a globalized world.

Board Approved: December 20, 2023


Barstow Community College will be a hub of innovation and educational excellence, fostering a culture of growth, partnership, and inclusion as the premier college of the California High Desert.  

Board Approved: December 20, 2023




V       Vision for the Future

I        Innovation and Collaboration

K       Kindness and Integrity

I        Inclusivity and Equity-minded Action

N      Nurturing Community

G      Growth and Improvement

S       Superior Service and Support

Board Approved: December 20, 2023