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Institutional Effectiveness

WELCOME to the Office of Institutional Research at Barstow Community College!

Our Vision...

College planning does not rest in a series of documents, but rather in specific actions, directions and processes that foster student learning and pursue institutional excellence.

Our Mission...

The Office of Institutional Research fosters student learning and pursues institutional excellence by providing leadership and assistance in developing and overseeing the institutional processes for planning, assessment, and evaluation, using credible evidence to make informed decisions for continuous improvement to fulfill the College’s mission and strategic priorities.

Our Outcomes...


  • Organize key processes to meet our pledge of quality assurance to our community.
  • Provide information to improve decision making at all areas of the college.
  • Facilitate thoughtful reflection and dialogue on student learning and institutional excellence and encourage on-going review and improvement.
  • Encourage and nurture a culture of inquiry that uses data and evidence to identify and cultivate new opportunities.



    Institution-Set Standard (Floor) Stretch Goal (Aspirational)  
  Course Completion Rates 74% 76%  
  Certificates 81 97  
  Degrees 437 524  
  Transfers 213 287  
  Licensure Examination Pass Rates* 70% 79%  
  Employment Rates* 73% 74%  
  *Applicable to CTE Programs