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Institutional Effectiveness

WELCOME to the Institutional Effectiveness page for Barstow Community College!

Institutional Effectiveness is facilitated through the Office of Institutional Research via the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC), a participatory governance committee that includes participants from management, faculty, classified professionals, and students.

    Barstow College measures Institutional Effectiveness through the integration of: 

    • Program Review 
    • Outcomes and Assessments 
    • Student Achievement Data 
    • Evidence-Based Practices and Strategic Planning 


    Institutional Effectiveness Committee Information

    The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) is the central coordinating, directive, monitoring and evaluative body for the college’s planning efforts and ensures that all decision-making is data driven and connected to the mission and strategic priorities of the institution.

    The IEC takes a leadership role in moving data into action to achieve sustainable, continuous quality improvement. The goal of the committee is to help the college maximize fiscal, physical, human and technological resources to improve student learning and achievement. IEC integral duties include the following: 

    1. Design and oversee the process to develop and monitor the goals of the strategic plan and maximize awareness of the role members of the college community play in executing the plan. 
    1. Establish yearly planning priorities for the college for inclusion into integrated planning and resource allocation by reviewing internal and external data, state and federal initiatives, and planning committee documents from within the college community. 
    1. Lead and organize campus-wide participation in all ACCJC accreditation requirements. 
    1. Monitors and disseminates, on an annual cycle, outcomes for Strategic Plan metrics and goals.

    Program Review Committee (sub-committee of IEC)
    Accreditation Steering Committee
    Enrollment Management Committee



    1. Finalize the institutional mission, vision, and values.
    2. Ensure the ISER is completed with campus-wide participation and submitted to ACCJC by the 8/1/204 deadline.
    3. Wrap-up the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.
    4. Create a review cycle for institutional success metrics.

    Institution Set Standards


        Institution-Set Standard (Floor) Stretch Goal (Aspirational)  
      Course Completion Rates 70% 73%  
      Certificates 80 100  
      Degrees 440 525  
      Transfers 165 210  
      Licensure Examination Pass Rates* 70% 79%  
      Employment Rates* 60% 73%  

    *Applicable to CTE Programs
    Approved by Academic Senate: 10.05.2023
    Approved by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee: 10.17.2023