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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Purpose Statement: Through integrated planning, the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) leads program review and accreditation processes to ensure that decision-making is data driven and connected to the mission and strategic priorities of the institution.

Description: The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) takes a leadership role in moving data into action to achieve sustainable continuous quality improvement. The committee reviews program assessment results in light of college-wide strategic goals to recommend a set of institutional priorities for inclusion into integrated planning and resource allocation. The goal of the committee is to help the college maximize fiscal, physical, human, and technological resources to improve student learning and achievement. As a part of these integral duties, the IEC will lead and organize campus-wide participation in all ACCJC accreditation requirements.


Reports to: District Superintendent/President

Co-Chairs: Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of Research, Development & Planning

Meetings: Monthly; weekly during the evaluation cycle (September through January)

Members: Academic Senate President +1 Representative; ASG Representative; 3 members, CSEA; Dean of Instruction; 2, mid-management; SLO Coordinator

Advisory: Vice President of Administrative Services; Vice President of Academic Affairs; Vice President of Student Services


MEETINGS 2018 - 2019       ATTENDANCE: 2017-18 Attendance

October 16, 2018


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