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Calendar Committee

Purpose Statement: The Purpose of the calendar committee is to develop a recommended academic calendar for each school year.

Description: The committee’s charge is to select start and end dates, dates for final exams, and faculty in-service for each semester. Holidays are determined by coordinating the Chancellor’s Office listing of required holidays, academic concerns, and bargaining unit contracts. The Committee’s goal is to complete the academic calendar in time for the President to make a recommendation on the calendar at the December Board of Trustees meeting.

Reports to: District Superintendent/President

Chairperson: Vice President of Academic Affairs

Meetings: Approximately six times during the fall semester (or as needed)

Members: Membership consists of representatives from the Academic Senate, CSEA, BCFA, Administration, Management, and the Associated Student Government


2013-14 Meetings

2014-15 Meetings

2015-16 Meetings