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Prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended preparation advice are listed with some courses in this catalog and the schedule of classes. A prerequisite is a course or assessment that must be completed before enrolling in a specific course. Satisfactory completion of a prerequisite course requires a grade of P, `C or better.

A corequisite is a course in which the student must be enrolled at the same time as a companion course. Corequisites are often used in science classes that include a lab. In some cases a student may be allowed to complete the corequisite course in a prior semester.

A recommended preparation statement is a set of skills or a course that will significantly increase a student’s probability of success but is not necessarily required for success.

If a student has completed a prerequisite or corequisite at another college or in high school, the student must submit a copy of the official transcript to Admissions and Records for clearance.