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BCC is considered a school required to take attendance for online and Cosmetology courses. The last date of attendance for all online courses will be the last date of substantial interaction as determined by the learning management system. The last date of attendance for Cosmetology students will be the last reported date of attendance by the instructor. 

BCC is not required to take attendance for all other courses and the withdrawal date will either be the date the student officially withdrew from classes or the mid-point of term/module for unofficial withdrawals. 

  • Percentage of the enrollment period earned: 
    • Divide the number of days attended by the number of days in the term (including weekends and holidays).
      • Courses at BCC are offered as either full term courses (18 weeks) or in modules (2 nine week sessions within the full term). Students enrolled in a combination of classes that meet for the entire 18 weeks will have the calculation based on the total number of days in the term. Students enrolled in one module will have their calculation based on the total number of days in the module. 
  • Calculation of the portion of financial aid earned up to the 60 percent point in time: 
    • Subtract the percentage earned from 100 to determine the percentage unearned.
    • If withdrawal occurs after the 60 percent date, all of the financial aid received will have been earned and no refund will be required.
  • Multiply the total federal financial aid by the calculated percentage unearned. This reflects the total amount of unearned federal aid.
  • Subtract the unearned amount of institutional costs from the total amount of unearned aid, and this will equal the amount of federal financial aid the student will be responsible for repaying.


Students will be notified by mail of the portion of unearned aid the school will refund from institutional costs and the portion the student will be responsible to pay. Students will have 30 days to repay the full amount shown. Failure to pay will results in the balance being turned over to collections. 

Unearned financial aid will be applied in the following order to Pell Grant and then to the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Nor more than 50 percent of the amount received by the student will be required to be returned. 

If after calculation it is determined that a student has earned more aid than they have received, the student will be notified and given the option of receiving the refund. The refund will be issued after the student submits the Post Withdrawal Disbursement Notification.


Policies are applied to all students receiving Title IV (Federal Student Aid) funds.