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Bookstore Authorizations

Federal financial aid regulations require schools to provide a method for students to purchase books no later than the end of the first week of class IF the student is eligible for a financial aid disbursement ten days before the first day of class. BCC meets this federal regulation by authorizing bookstore vouchers at the Viking Bookstore. The Bookstore authorization will be available at the beginning of the semester only, one week before classes begin through the Thursday of the second week of class, at which time the bookstore charges will be posted to student accounts. Students must answer yes to the question: “Do you authorize BCC to use your current year financial aid funds to pay non-institutional year charges”; if the student answers no, or doesn’t answer the question at all, they will not be eligible for the Viking Shop Bookstore Voucher. If this question is not answered by book voucher deadline, the student will not be awarded a book voucher for the semester. BCC will not provide an alternate means of purchasing books. Financial aid funds will be credited to students accounts the second Friday of the fall and spring semester or Thursday for summer semester. 

Charges for books and supplies purchased through the bookstore authorization process will be treated as institutional charges during R2T4 calculations.