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Summer Financial Aid

Eligible students may qualify for financial aid during the summer semester.

To be considered eligible for financial aid for the summer semester you must submit either a FAFSA application or Dream Act application (whichever application is applicable to you) using our school code (001119). You must submit the applicable FAFSA or Dream Act application by June 30 to be considered for financial aid during the summer semester.

Pell Grant eligible students can receive up to 150% of their scheduled Pell Grant award each year. 

Your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the U.S. Dept. of Education and your enrollment status for the Summer term will determine your summer award. Summer awards will be posted after registration.

If you enrolled full-time (12+ units) and received the full-time Pell Grant award for Fall and Spring, you must enroll at least half-time (6+ units) in summer classes to receive a summer Pell Grant. However, you must be enrolled full-time (12+ units) during the summer semester to receive the full financial aid award.

If you enrolled part-time during the Fall or Spring semesters, there is no minimum unit requirement to receive a summer Pell Grant (unless required by your EFC).  You can use the remainder of your annual Pell Grant amount during summer with no minimum unit requirement.

Enrollment status is determined by the number of units enrolled:

Full Time

12 or more units

Three Quarters

9 – 11.5 units

Half Time

6 – 8.5 units

Less than Half Time

Less than 6 units


In addition, you must also be in good SAP standing, as well as have all necessary documentation submitted to the Financial Aid Office, and not be in overpayment or have a student loan in default to qualify for Federal Financial Aid during the summer semester.