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General Policies

Students Using VA Benefits are subject to the following general policies:

  • You must submit a Request for Benefits form and subsequent documentation each semester upon initial enrollment as well as any time you add, drop, or withdraw from courses as well as anytime you update your educational goal or major.
  • Courses outlined on your educational plan are the only courses which can be certified and billed to the VA.
  • You will be required to submit transcripts from all previously attended institutions, including Military Training, before your second semester of attendance.
  • If you have earned a college degree or have completed close to 50 units, you will be limited as to what courses will be allowed for certification.
  • You may not claim benefits for courses that have been previously completed successfully. 
  • You may not claim benefits for a course in which you have received two substandard grades.
  • You may be eligible to claim benefits for classes taken through open-circuit television or online without concurrent enrollment in an on-campus class. Training time will be based upon the number of credits hours/units.

Note: Veterans using Chapter 33 benefits must take a minimum of one (1) on-campus course each term in order for them to receive the maximum allowable Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA).*

*Some exceptions to this rule exist due to COVID-19