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Reproducing the Logo

The logo(s) cannot be manipulated or changed in any way.

All components of the logo(s) must appear on the imprinted item. For example, the outer ring of the Barstow Community College logo is an integral part of the logo and must appear in the logo at all times.

When reducing or enlarging the logo(s), all elements of the logo(s) should remain in proportion. For example, the logo(s) should not be stretched to an elliptical shape. *Note: In most programs, you can resize the logo(s) while holding down the shift key to maintain the proportions of the logo(s).

All employees are encouraged to consult the Public Information Office (PIO) for advice and input on the use of the logos, before going to print or publication.

The approved Barstow Community College logo(s) can be found below. 

logo guidelines