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We are Barstow Community College. All written materials (letters, flyers, banners, brochures, press releases, and speeches) should refer to Barstow Community College in full.

BCC is only to be used as an acronym when Barstow Community College is referenced in a letter, brochure, catalog, or speech, and only after the full official name has been referenced.

Athletics and the Viking Shop may use “BCC,” “B,” or “Barstow” on apparel; however, these should be in the same font as the Barstow Community College logo in the Times New Roman bold font (i.e. Barstow Community College, B, BCC) unless otherwise authorized by the PIO.

Athletics and the Viking Shop may use the Viking Logo(s) on apparel; with the Department or Team designated in the Brush Script font (i.e. Baseball, Women’s Basketball). All other departments, programs, and/or clubs need PIO permission to use the Viking logo.