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To present and maintain a branded, professional, unified look through the College, a standard email signature template should be used in all email correspondence. To enhance communications both internally and externally, it is important to use an automatic signature for each email. By doing so, readers will understand who you are and your role within the College, as well as show that BCC stands behind the information and services provided in your communications. 


The below template includes all pertinent contact information that may be helpful to the recipient of your email. The template is a guide to help you customize your email signature block in Microsoft Outlook. You may exclude parts of the template that you do not find useful, however, to maintain a strong, consistent brand identity, you may not add elements outside elements.

A confidentiality statement may be added to the end of the email signature block if necessary. For plain text email where choosing font size or type is not an available option,  simply include the same content in the same order and relative spacing for maximum branding consistency.  

Out of Office Email Reply

When you will be out of the office for an extended period, please create an email out-of-office response. 


Email Signature Generator:
Gender Pronouns
Confidentiality Note


Please copy the signature below and paste it into your email client as your signature:



Barstow Community College
Email Address
Phone Number