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Program Review

The purpose of Program Review at Barstow Community College District (BCC) is to assure that the College and all of its employees focus our day-to-day operation and planning on the core mission and goals of the College. The Program Review process focuses discipline and divisional program planning, review and goal setting on achieving our four Strategic Priorities. By doing so, the College will also be able to integrate plans with each other. One of our ultimate goals is to sustain continuous quality improvement in every area, instructional and non-instructional, thus improving our students' chances of success.

Program Review Committee Goals for the 2022-23 Academic Year include:

  1. Review/update Program Review forms as needed
  2. Budget Allocation Review process including out of cycle requests and following up on requests
  3. Put together a timeline for next program review cycle 
  4. Program review training
  5. Build connection with guided pathway leads in order to enhance support for faculty, including part-time faculty, who are responsible for program review.

Ongoing, integrated planning and program review is used to maintain, and if possible, improve the effectiveness of every College program and service, and of the institution as a whole, based on the results of regular, systematic assessment. The ultimate beneficiaries of integrated planning and program review are our students and the community we serve.

The process also allows BCC to focus available resources including staff time, budget, technology and space, on the achievement of goals and objectives intended to maintain or improve effectiveness. Achieving some objectives requires resources over and above what is available, which means that a resource request is necessary. This may be fulfilled by the resource section in the program review and may also require a Resource Request form. However, not all objectives may require extra resources, only the reallocation of existing ones.

Program Review is a three-year cycle, with a full program review due in year one, and annual updates due in years two and three. Career & Technical Education program reviews are completed on a two-year cycle, with a full program review due in year one, and annual updates due in year two (Education Code, Section 78016). Additional information and resources can be found in the Program Review Handbook and on the pages linked on the menu to the left.

Program Review Subcommittee (PRSC)
Tri-chair (Classified): Melissa Church
Tri-chair (Management): Emily Garrison
Tri-chair (Faculty): Patricia Lara