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Barstow Community College Promise 2.0


Embark on Your Journey with Us!

We're thrilled to be a part of your educational journey at Barstow Community College. Let us help you start off on the right foot by providing personalized assistance and guidance. You have several convenient options to connect with our dedicated staff:

  1. Schedule a Meeting: Set up a virtual or in-person appointment with a staff member by clicking "Schedule Meeting" on the cards below.
  2. You can also reach out to us via email at or by calling the Direct Promise Line at 760-252-6769.
  3. Self-Schedule for Convenience: We recommend using our self-scheduling feature to choose your preferred date and time for an appointment with a Promise Office staff member. Simply click the "Schedule Meeting" option next to their name, and your appointment will be automatically added to their calendar. It's an easy and efficient way to ensure that we connect with you when it's most convenient for you.

During your online appointments, our knowledgeable staff will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding:

  • Admissions & Financial Aid Applications
  • Program Requirements
  • Program Benefits, including Enrollment Fees, Textbook Vouchers, Priority Registration, and more
  • Program Status
  • General Promise Questions, such as Tutoring and Support Services
  • Any Other Promise Related Inquiries

We're here to provide you with the information and support you need to make the most of your college experience. Let your journey begin with us by scheduling a meeting today. We can't wait to assist you every step of the way!