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Barstow College Promise FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Barstow College Promise Program expanded their eligibility beginning the Summer 2020 semester to any First Time, Full Time, California resident or AB540 Eligible student

The Barstow College Promise Program will cover all student enrollment fees that are not covered by their financial aid reward and a book voucher (if funds are available) to be used at the Viking Bookstore (beginning in the Fall, and continuing through Spring and Summer semesters). 

In order to apply for the Barstow College Promise, please complete all of the enrollment steps listed here and email to check program eligibility! 


One amazing benefit of the Barstow College Promise Program is that every student has complete access to the Barstow College Promise Student Success Advisor. The Advisor can assist student in:

  1. Determining the best student support services to refer you to.
  2. Help you schedule an appointment to create a comprehensive education plan with a counselor that reflects your individual vision and goals.

California Assembly Bill 540 (AB540) is a California law that allows all students who qualify, including undocumented students to pay in-state tuition fees at all California Community Colleges.

In order to qualify, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

If you need to withdraw from a course then all BCP recipients must first meet with the Barstow College Promise Advisor. Dropping below full-time status may make you ineligible for Barstow Promise in your future semesters.

Each student will need to take a copy of their detailed schedule for the semester and a photo ID to the Viking Bookstore in order to use the Textbook Voucher. A list of eligible students and the amount students have been awarded is updated weekly with the Viking Bookstore.

  1. You can contact the Viking Bookstore via phone (760) 252-6722 or email at

You can transfer from another community college and qualify for the program, however, only if your prior year you qualified as a first-time college student, maintained full-time enrollment status and were in that institution’s Promise Program. First-Time and Full-Time status is subject to verification with official transcripts.

Promise Program requires students to complete a minimum of 12 units or more per semester. If students drop below full-time status (less than 12 units per semester), they will no longer be eligible for the program.

Second year enrollment fees can only be paid for the students who were first-time students the year before, as well as maintained full-time enrollment status the entire previous year. Additionally, students must have completed a minimum of 12-units in their first-year to be eligible for second-year Promise Program.

Yes, eligible students may qualify for multiple programs, and take advantage of multiple program benefits. In order to determine eligibility, students are required to work directly with advisors or coordinators within the program department.

Promise students who fail their course(s) risk program eligibility. This includes dropping below a 2.0 GPA and/or the 12-unit-per-semester requirements. If you are in danger of failing, or failing, please contact your instructor and your advisor or counselor immediately.

Yes, you may still be eligible, as long as you meet the program requirements, are a first-time college student and California Resident or AB540 student. Please complete the Barstow College Promise Application.

You may be eligible for the Program if you are considered a first-time, full-time college student, and/or AB540 student with a program of study. This includes either certificate programs or degree programs of study. Noncredit courses or programs of study do not qualify.

Please contact your instructor and let them know of these issues immediately. Additionally, contact the Promise Office Staff immediately to assist. Do not drop your courses.

Disabled students taking less than 12-units can still qualify for the Barstow College Promise Program. However, you must contact the ACCESS Office to apply and verify eligibility.

You can contact the ACCESS Office via email at

Students should contact their instructor(s), and advisor and/or counselor immediately for possible options. Students should refrain from dropping their courses until they have communicated with their instructor(s) and advisor/counselor first.

  1. Students may be able to request an Incomplete or Late Drop.
  2. Students may request an Excused Withdrawal (CV) if it is COVID-19 related.

Only California residents may be eligible for Barstow College Promise. In order to change or update residency, students can request a Residency Status Change.

To update your residency please complete the Request for Residency Status Change form

Attendance in the Adult Education Program does not disqualify you from being a Barstow College Promise student. You may still qualify as a first-time college student, as long as you did not complete credit courses.

  1. If you have questions regarding Barstow College Adult Education Program please contact Elena Rivera at

Students with G.E.D. or H.S.E (high school equivalency) may qualify for the Barstow College Promise Program. Please complete the 6 HOW TO APPLY Steps.

Students may also contact the Welcome Resource Center for further assistance via email at

A student could be considered a first-time college student at any age. However, they must meet the first-time college student definition.

Students may qualify for the Barstow College Promise Program, as long as they are first-time and full-time college students, regardless of high school graduation date.

In order to qualify for Barstow College Promise, eligible concurrent students need to complete a separate Admissions Application and include that they have graduated high school.

The Barstow College Promise Program is not income-based. If you do not qualify for financial aid through FAFSA, and you are a first-time, full-time college student, you may be eligible for Promise.