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Campus Club Procedures

Campus Club Procedures

If you are interested in creating a student club at Barstow Community College, please complete the following process: 

  1. Find three (3) student members. 
  2. Find an Advisor.
  3. Fill out and submit the Club Activation Form.

Upon approval, the club will be eligible to assume status as an officially recognized club. The club will then be granted all the rights of a Barstow Community College club in good standing. In addition, the new club will be able to receive monetary support from the ASG. 

Once the club has been established, the Constitution/Bylaws will need to be created. Below is an example that can be used to establish this. The Clubs Constitution/Bylaws must be on file in the Student Life Office. 

An agenda must be established for each club meeting and minutes must also be taken. Below are examples of each to assist the club in this process.

All events planned by campus clubs must receive approval through the Office of Student Life. All forms must be submitted via email to at least three weeks prior to the proposed event. Please refer to the Club & Advisor Handbook for more information.

Any students attending field trips with their club must fill out the following forms and return them to their Club Advisor prior to the scheduled trip: