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No. Training sessions are free and are open to anyone in the community.

Our target audience is foster and relative caregivers. However, our trainings are open to everyone in the community including social workers, group home staff, family and friends.

Call the FKCE office at 760-252-2411 x 7376 or extension x7276.


No worries…….just call our office to cancel your seat in order to offer it to someone else who may be waiting for space.

FKCE trainers issue training certificates of completion at the end of each class. All class sign-in sheets and participant registration forms are entered into the state’s database after all trainings. If individuals would like to receive a copy of their FKCE class transcripts, please contact the Barstow FKCE Program office at 760-252-2411 x 7376 or email

If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc. raising your relative’s children- then you are a kinship caregiver.