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Barstow Safe Zone

Whether or not this is your first time standing up and declaring your identity. We recognize that “coming out” is not a one-time event but a continuous journey, BCC is committed to proudly standing beside you on the voyage. Below you will find some resources to understand more about what coming out means, how to be an ally, and articles to help in the different stages of coming out
Being an Ally
I understand that being an ally means that I agree to prominently display the Ally sticker; offer support to those who seek me out as an ally; refer those who need resources; and admit that I don’t know everything about LGBTQ+ people but will learn and understand as much as possible. 
Why Pronouns Matter
Pronouns are important not only because they are used for everyday communication, but also because they are used to convey and affirm gender identity. Using a person’s correct pronouns provides gender affirmation, signals mutual respect, and creates a more welcoming and tolerant environment. Being misgendered (i.e., being referred to with incorrect pronouns) can be an extremely hurtful and invalidating experience.