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EEO Statement:

Equal Employment Opportunity is paramount to a diverse and inclusive workforce. The Barstow Community College Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Staff Diversity Plan formalizes the District’s commitment to fostering a working and learning environment of opportunity, diversity and inclusion.


We have an EEO Plan that reflects the District’s commitment to hire and retain faculty and staff who are sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, the needs of a continually changing and diverse student body and community.


At BCC, we also believe that representation provides dimension, visibility and validation to diverse identities and experiences. It shapes what students and employees imagine as possible for themselves and others and inspires them to persevere in working toward achieving their aspirations. The EEO and Staff Diversity Plan provides guidance on enhancing the extent to which our faculty and staff are representative of the communities we serve.


BP 7100 – Commitment to Diversity

The District is committed to employing qualified administrators, faculty, and staff members who are dedicated to student success. The Board recognizes that diversity in the academic environment fosters cultural awareness, promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides suitable role models for all students. The Board is committed to hiring and staff development processes that support the goals of equal opportunity, diversity, and provide equal consideration for all qualified candidates.