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Honors Day

Honors Day

“I am a young, working mom who attends college full-time in order to provide the best future possible for my family, and most importantly, my son.  By getting this scholarship, you have  helped me [get] one step closer to the future I dream of…”              

– Kreystine Gonzales, 2018 Scholarship Recipient



Scholarships are an ideal way to support student success at Barstow Community College.

Scholarships assist BCC students with tuition, fees, textbooks, and other expenses associated with receiving their college education. They serve current Barstow College students as well as students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution. The Barstow College Foundation has numerous established scholarships to which donors may contribute by way of a donation to our general Scholarship Fund or we can work directly with individuals and corporations interested in establishing a new scholarship.

In 2018, more than 90 scholarships totaling over $65,000 were awarded to BCC students thanks to the generosity of our dedicated donor family.

The 2018 Scholarship application period is currently closed. The 2019 Scholarship application period will open in December 2018.  Please check back for updates or contact the BCC Financial Aid Office with any additional questions.



Are you interested in establishing a scholarship in your or a loved one’s name? 

Submit the Scholarship Fund Agreement to the Foundation office or contact us at (760) 252-6709 for more information.



Establishing an Endowment: As the purpose of an endowed fund is to provide regular benefit in perpetuity, this requires preservation of the principle (corpus). Income from the fund less costs associated with managing the fund are available for support of the endowment’s designated purpose. In order to meet this standard, the Barstow College Foundation requires a minimum of $10,000 and acceptance by the Executive Committee and Foundation Board of Directors for a fund to be endowed.

Should a donor have a goal for the number of scholarships they would like their endowment to support, the Foundation is happy to confer with our Investment team and work with you to make sure your investment level will yield the appropriate funds.

Are you interested in establishing an endowment in your or a loved one’s name? 

Contact us at (760) 252-6709  for more information. 


Endowment Guidelines