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Online Bachelor's Degree Programs

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs

For many adults attending a bachelor's degree program on campus is not always possible due to location, transportation, work, childcare, and many other responsibilities. A 100% online degree often makes sense for individuals that need flexibility to complete college courses around their own schedules. You also avoid spending money and time traveling back and forth to a campus. Check out some of your options below. Keep in mind this is NOT an all inclusive list and many more programs exist. 

If you find a university that you are interested in learning more about, make an appointment with the Transfer & Career Center or with your counselor for more information. Also, not every college/university has the same admissions requirements, therefore, make sure to work closely with your counselor to make sure you fulfill all the admissions requirements for the colleges/universities that you are interested in transferring to. 

Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities (AICCU)

Many AICCU colleges/universities offer online degree programs. You can use this search tool to locate the your options. In addition, below are the AICCU colleges/universities that offer online degree programs that are located in the Riverside/San Bernardino, and Los Angeles area. You can also check out the AICCU Transfer Guide for a full list of colleges/universities.

***Universities listed below as accepting CSUGE & IGETC to fulfill general education requirements should always be confirmed with your BCC counselor. Even though the CSUGE & IGETC may be accepted, additional requirements may be listed on the university website. 

California State University

Cal State Online delivers high-quality online education through the 23 campuses. Cal State Online provides accessibility to high-quality, affordable, bachelor's degrees, while elimination distance and scheduling challenges. 

Search for your Cal State Online degree by clicking HERE

Out-of-State Universities

Many state universities outside of California offer many options for completing an online bachelor's degree. Below is links to the list of online degrees offered by our closet surrounding states. In addition, many of the universities listed below also offer the WUE savings for their online programs. For a list with additional Out-of-State Universities click HERE!