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Section 1 ASG is the governing body that finances, organizes, and directs many Student Body Association sponsored events and activities at Barstow Community College. Student Body Association members must obtain their current ASG sticker on their BCC ID Card to prove active membership.




Section 1 All regular and special meetings of the ASG Legislature must be conducted in accordance with “The Brown Act” and Robert’s Rules of Order.


Section 2 Adhere to all sections of the Student Code of Conduct as stated in the BCC Student Handbook.


Section 3 Initiate legislation that the Senate deems to be in the best interests and promotes the welfare of the membership.


Section 4 Shall uphold all College Board policies and administrative procedures and Board of Trustees.


Section 5 Legislative regular meetings will be held twice monthly. The bi‐monthly meeting days will be set at the first Legislative meeting of the year.




Section 1 All members of the ASG Legislature, which consists of the members of the Executive Board and Senators, are required to fulfill their duties as specified in the ASG Constitution, these Bylaws, and the ASG Handbook:

  1. Serve as a committee representative on a BCC Shared Governance Committee.

  2. Serve a minimum of four (4) hours per week in the ASG office to conduct ASG office business.

  3. Attend bi‐monthly legislature meetings.


Section 2 The roles and responsibilities of ASG Executive members:


  1. Each member shall chair a minimum of two (2) events per year to be determined through consensus of the Executive Board.

  2. Assist in the creation of the Master Calendar of Events for the year.

  3. The ASG Executive Officers shall be responsible for any official ASG business during the summer session.


The President Shall:


  1. Serve as the official representative of the Associated Student Government.

  2. Preside at ASG Executive Officers meetings.

  3. Preside at ASG Regular bi‐monthly legislature meetings.

  4. Preside at ASG Senate meetings.

  5. Serve as ex‐officio member on all committees.

  6. Appoint the legislature members to a BCC Shared Governance Committee.

  7. Chair the Election committee (assuming he/she is not a candidate).

  8. Meet with legislative members as needed or as requested.

  9. Meet with the District Superintendent/President as needed.

  10. Meet with ASG Faculty Advisor and the Director of Student Life and Development one (1) week prior to the ASG regular bi‐monthly meeting to prepare and review agenda and minutes.

  11. E‐mail agendas to the Vice President of Student Services, ASG legislatures, ASG Faculty Advisor, and Director of Student Life and Development 72 hours before the meeting.

  12. Attend all BCC Board of Trustees meetings and give a monthly report of ASG activity.

  13. Prepare of the State of the Association to be disseminated as requested.


The Vice President Shall:


  1. Preside over the Inter‐Club Council (ICC).

  2. Keep record of all College clubs/organization and club members’ service points.

  3. Maintain a current directory of all active College clubs/organizations.

  4. Keep files of the purpose established aims


The Secretary Shall:


  1. Attend and record all meetings of the ASG.

  2. Type, post, and distribute meeting agendas and minutes in proper posting areas within 48 hours after the meeting.

  3. Reports to the legislature any incoming correspondence.

  4. Provide copies of minutes to Advisors, Vice President of Student Services, and President of the College.

  5. Maintain a current directory of the ASG Legislature.

  6. Maintain a current directory of ASG legislature to their appointed Shared Governance Committees.


The Treasurer Shall:


  1. Work with the Director of Student Life and Development and Faculty Advisor in regards to all ASG finances.

  2. Keep an updated record of ASG events’ budgets and costs.

  3. Prepare ASG purchase orders.

  4. Make available the monthly reports to the Student Body Association of the ASG financial status.


Region IX Representative Shall:


  1. Attend all monthly region meetings and conferences.

  2. Submit a monthly report at the ASG Legislature bi‐monthly meeting.

  3. Serve as the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Region IX representative for BCC.

  4. Monitor state and national legislation that affect community college students.

  5. Coordinate lobbying efforts with college, local, state, and national representative.

  6. Author and support resolutions as needed.


Student Trustee Shall:


  1. Serve as a student leader at the District’s monthly board meeting.

  2. Attend all scheduled regular Board meetings during the regular academic year.

  3. Work with advisors on all matters pertaining to students.


  4. Provide a written report each month to the Board of Trustees regarding student trustee business.

  5. Provide a written and verbal report at least once a month to the ASG Legislature on activities and issues regarding the Board of Trustees.

  6. Serve for a one‐year term to begin on June 1st in accordance with the Education Code of California.

  7. Serve as a liaison between the ASG and the Board of Trustees concerning student matters.

  8. Attend all conferences that pertain to the Student Trustee position.

i. Meet with the ASG Executive officers, College President, and ASG advisor prior to the Board meetings.

j. Work with a BCC Board of Trustees appointed mentor.


Section 3 The Roles and Responsibilities of the ASG Senators:


  1. Attend all Senate Meetings.

  2. Represent the views of their constituencies.

  3. Assist members of the Student Body Association in submitting legislation.

  4. Maintain awareness of the current budget, reviewing proposed expenditures in compliance with that document.

  5. Be responsible for initiating veto overrides as may deemed in the best interest of the ASG.

  6. Maintain bulletin boards with current/stamped information and approved photos.

  7. Participate in ASG committees.

  8. Participate in majority event/activities.




    Section 1 The ASG Legislature members shall be appointed to at least one (1) Shared Governance Committee no later than the third ASG Legislature meeting.

    1. ASG Legislature members may be appointed at a later time to any Shared Governance Committee as necessary and in order to fill vacancies.

    2. Legislature members who are newly appointed shall be assigned a Shared Governance Committee no later than the following regular ASG legislative meeting.


    3. Failure to commit to at least one shared governance committee will result in the member being subject to removal from office in accordance with Article VII of these Bylaws.




      Section 1 A special/ad hoc meeting shall be defined as any meeting outside the regular ASG meeting schedule with the purpose of dealing with any of the following:


      1. Unforeseen and unexpected budgetary/financial matters.

      2. Items that require the attention and/or action of the ASG Legislature during the summer intersession and whenever the ASG Legislature is not in session.

      3. Items that are of time sensitive nature and cannot be resolved within the ASGLegislature meeting schedule.


Section 2 A special/ad hoc meeting will perform a specific task and will automatically cease to exist upon completion of its assigned mission.


Section 3 The ASG President or a two‐thirds (2/3) majority of the ASG Legislature can call for a special meeting at any time and in accordance with “The Brown Act.”




Section 1 This procedure applies to all matters of proposed discipline/action with regard to attendance, improper conduct and neglect of duty. An agenda item regarding removal of an officer may be submitted to the Secretary by any elected or appointed member of the ASG Legislature.


Section 2 Any ASG Legislative member may be removed from office on the following grounds:

  1. Improper conduct.

  2. Neglect of duty.


Section 3 An ASG Legislative member removed from office shall be ineligible to run for, hold, or be appointed to any ASG office until one (1) complete year has elapsed since the ratification of the removal.


Section 4 Improper conduct shall be defined as follows:


  1. Any ASG Legislative member who willfully or excessively violates any sections/ articles/guidelines/policies/standards of the ASG Constitution, ASG Bylaws, ASG Elections Code, ASG Finance Code, ICC Bylaws, ASG Handbook.

  2. Any ASG Legislative member who violates BCC’s Standards of Student Conduct.

  3. An ASG Legislative member who violates BCC’s Board Policies and Administrative Procedures.


Section 5 Neglect of duty shall be defined as follows:

  1. Any ASG Legislative member who fails to fulfill their duties as stated in Article III of these Bylaws.

  2. Any ASG Legislative member that accumulates an excessive amount of absences as stated in Article VI in the ASG Constitution.


Section 6 Procedure for Removal of ASG Legislature member:

  1. Any ASG Legislative member charged with improper conduct or neglect of duty as defined by Article VII of these Bylaws shall be subject to removal through the following procedure:

    1. The ASG Legislative member shall receive written notification (including email) from the Secretary at least three (3) days prior to appearing before a regularly scheduled ASG Legislative meeting and prior to the official posting time of the ASG agenda. Such notification will outline that the item of “Removal of ASG Legislative member” has been properly placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled ASG Legislature meeting.

    2. The ASG Legislature must vote on the proposed removal of theASG Legislative member after the official notice has been received and placed on the agenda.

    3. Only in the case of excessive absences, the following will apply:

      1. Failure of the ASG Legislative member to appear at the regularly scheduled ASG meeting as stated in the written notification by the Secretary shall result in automatic removal from ASG Legislature office.

    4. For all cases involving improper conduct and/or neglect of duty, the ASG Legislature will vote to determine further action including, but not limited to, the removal of ASG Legislative member.

    5. In all instances, a two‐thirds (2/3) majority vote by the ASG Legislature, quorum maintained, is required for removal of a Legislative member.


Section 7 If the nature of any complaint against an ASG Legislative member is in regard to improper conduct warrants formal College disciplinary review/action, an ASG Advisor shall initiate further action. If an ASG Legislative member has been found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct or any other BCC Policies, upon the conclusion of any formal disciplinary process, said member shall be immediately removed from Legislative office.


Section 8 All resignations must be submitted in writing immediately to the President of the ASG.



Section 1 Article V, Section 3 of the ASG Constitution shall apply for all ASG Legislative member positions, including recall and removal of Legislative Member.


Section 2 In the event of a disqualification or resignation, any office shall be declared vacant. The vacancy shall be declared in the next upcoming ASG bi‐monthly meeting.


Section 3 The ASG Executive members shall recommend (simple majority) candidates (from ASG legislature) for appointment and the ASG Legislature must confirm/ratify with a minimum of a two‐thirds (2/3) majority vote, quorum maintained.


Section 4 In the event of the Presidency being vacated, the Vice President shall succeed automatically.


Section 5 In the absence of a Vice President, the ASG legislature must select one from their membership and ratify that selection by a two‐thirds vote, including the vote of the selected.




Section 1 All members of the ASG Legislature are expected to properly represent their constituents and demonstrate high levels of professional and appropriate behavior.

Section 2 Misrepresentation of the ASG and unlawful use of ASG name, logos, equipment, policies, and materials shall constitute grounds for removal or discipline.




Section 1 The Inter Club Council shall be chaired by the ASG Vice President.


Section 2 The ICC shall be comprised of the Vice Presidents of each BCC College club/organizations, who shall attend the ICC meetings at the designated time and place each month.


Section 3 The ICC shall coordinate all College club/organizations activities in cooperation with the Director of Student Life & Development at the beginning of every semester. Activities shall then be submitted to the ASG to be approved.




Section 1 The ASG is the parent organization of all student College clubs/organizations operating on campus. College clubs/organizations will be recognized by the ASG if they conform to the following criteria:

  1. Members shall be composed of currently enrolled students that meet the minimum grade point average requirements.

  2. Advisors shall be approved by the College President and governed by the producers set forth in the Club Advisor Handbook.

  3. All College clubs/organizations shall comply with the ASG Constitution, Bylaws, and Handbook.

  4. A designated executive member of each College club/organization must attend mandatory ASG regular bi‐monthly legislature meetings.


Section 2 The ASG will assign College club/organizations to operate the snack bars.




Section 1 Upon cancellation of an event, no matter how close to the scheduled day or time, College club/organizations leadership will notify the Instruction Office, Maintenance and Operations, the Director of Student Life and Development, the Vice President of Student Services, and the ASG Office of the cancellation.




Section 1 Each year a ASG Service Awards Committee shall be formed by the Director of Student Life & Development, ASG Vice‐President, one (1) executive officer, and two (2) senators to determine ASG Service Award recipients.


  1. Awards shall be for services rendered either to the community or BCC over a period of not more than (1) one academic school year.


  2. The determination of the committee shall be based on the information provided on the ASG Service Points Sheet.


  3. The ASG Service Point Sheet shall be the only form accepted by the ASG Service Awards Committee.


Section 2 The ASG Service Awards and qualifications are set forth as followed in the ASG Handbook.




Section 1 ASG scholarship recipients shall be selected by the scholarship committee. Section 2 ASG shall provide scholarships to the following:

  1. A current student in the military.

  2. An incoming high school student.

  3. A current ASG member who has served the full year.

  4. A transferring student.




Section 1 In order to support district‐wide co‐curricular programs and activities, students shall be charged each semester a non‐refundable Student Activities fee, as published in the College Schedule of Classes.


Section 2 The ASG Student Activities fee may be waived by completing and submitting the Waiver of the Student Activities Fee form.


Section 3 The BCC ASG Student Activities Fee is $7.

Section 4 Students may refuse to pay for religious, political, financial, or moral reasons and shall submit such refusal in writing.




Section 1 ASG members may not hold a student worker position for any ASG Advisor due to conflict of interest.


Section 2 ASG Executive members may not hold another Executive position within another College club/organization with the exception of the ASG Vice President with his/her position as President of ICC.


Section 3 Executive members of ASG and College clubs/organizations are only allowed to use the copy machine.




Section 1 All ASG Bylaws may be amended by the following procedure:

  1. Recommendations regarding any ASG Bylaws may be put forward by any member of the ASG Legislature, when properly placed on the agenda and in accordance with “The Brown Act.”


  2. Recommendations regarding any ASG Bylaws may be put forward by a written request of fifteen percent (15%) of the Student Body Association, when properly placed on the agenda and in accordance with “The Brown Act.”


Section 2 The ASG Legislature shall review and ratify amendments to the ASG Bylaws with a two‐thirds (2/3) majority vote, quorum maintained.






Section 1 It is the purpose of the ASG to fund campus wide events that will benefit the


student body and/or the community. The ASG through the ICC provides a comprehensive budget of $500 that is available for all active clubs/organizations that officially charter with the ASG. All events that receive financial sponsorship/assistance from the ASG will also receive consideration for any additional available resources. ASG funds are limited, therefore financial sponsorship and/or additional funding could be denied based on the availability of funds for the fiscal year.


Section 2 The ASG fiscal year shall be from July 1 through June 30.




Section 1 Expenditures from specified line items of the approved ASG budget shall be authorized by the following persons:

a. ASG Executive Officer, Director of Student Life and Development, ASG Faculty Advisor, and Vice President of Student Services.


Section 2 In the case of a prolonged absence of either the Director of Student Live and Development or the Faculty ASG Advisor, the Director of Enrollment Services is authorized to approve and sign the ASG purchase orders with the appropriate attached documents.


Section 3 Expenditures from ASG contingency accounts, ASG reserves, transfers from one line item to another, or from one fund to another, or non‐budgeted expenditure requests require ASG Legislature review and subsequent action. A copy of the minutes of the meeting in which the expenditure was approved must be attached to the Purchase Order.


Section 4 Reimbursements are not guaranteed without prior approval by the Director of Student Life and Development. All reimbursements require proper documentation, including receipts, invoices, or any other proof of payment.


Section 5 The Director of Student Life and Development in accordance with the Director of Enrollment Services or the Vice President of Student Services reserves the right to veto any expenditure authorized by the ASG or the ICC.


Section 6 All deposits must be made to the Business Office.




Section 1 Funds from ASG line items or reserves may not be used for donations to outside fundraisers.

Section 2 Expenditure of funds from ASG/ICC accounts must be approved by a majority of the ICC membership in attendance and must follow the official process for approval set forth in BP 5420.


Section 3 All officially chartered College clubs/organizations may request funding from ASG/ICC accounts for student related activities on and off campus.


Section 4 Requisitions to fund student related activities must be accompanied by the following: Approved ICC proposal, ICC minutes, and Club/Organization Advisor signature.


Section 5 All officially chartered College clubs/organizations can use funds from their individual trust funds to support their fundraisers.




Section 1 The ASG and all officially chartered College clubs/organizations may enter into a written contract with performers, caterers, vendors, and any other type of commercial and business service providers only with regard to an activity that directly benefits the student body.


Section 2 All contracts must be in writing and are final upon approval and authorization from all parties involved.


Section 3 All contracts must be approved by the following: the service provider, the applicable club/organization Advisor, one College club/organization student representative, and the Director of Student Life and Development.


Section 4 Full payment of contracts will only be completed after services are rendered, no earlier than 1 hour after the event has transpired, and only after all conditions of the contract are satisfied.


Section 5 All service providers entering into a contract with any Barstow Community College club/ organization must submit a detailed invoice, a hold harmless agreement, and a W9 form to the Director of Student Life and Development no later than one week prior to the date of the event.


Section 6 The Director of Student Life and Development and the ASG reserve the right to withhold or cancel payment in the occasion of cancellation of the event or

breach of one or more of the contract terms on the part of the service provider.


Section 7 The Director of Student Life and Development and the ASG reserve the right to reschedule any event, and therefore withhold payment for such event, due to unforeseen circumstances.


Section 8 Unforeseen circumstances shall include but not be limited to: weather conditions, natural disasters, state of emergency, or any other event that causes class time and/ or college operation disruption.


Section 9 Contract(s) are valid only when entered into with good faith and full discloser of facts.




Section 1 All College clubs/organizations shall comply with all policies set forth in this document with no exceptions.


Section 2 If any of the College club/organizations and/or their members willfully violates any of the sections of this Finance Code they will be subject to disciplinary action according to guidelines set forth by BCC and/or the Board of Trustees.


Section 3 The following shall constitute violations: misuse of all ASG/ICC funds, misuse of Trust Fund accounts, and misuse of equipment and/or facilities owned by the district.


Section 4 In the instance of a College club/organization violating these guidelines the ASG and the Director of Student Life and Development reserves the right to pursue reimbursement/ replacement and in that process the ASG may garnish trust fund accounts.




Section 1 All positions of the ASG shall be elected positions with a term of one year.

Section 2 Executive Officer elections shall be concluded no later the third week of April of each academic year.

Section 3 Senate elections shall be concluded no later than third week of September of each academic year.

Section 4 Student Body Association members shall have voting rights.

Section 5 Timeline for all ASG Elections shall be as followed in the Election Bylaws.




Section 1 In accordance with the laws of the State of California, the State Board of Education and the Barstow Community College Board of Trustees, the ultimate authority in all matters of the Student Government shall rest with the Superintendent/President of Barstow Community College.