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Suggestions For Students with Learning Disabilities

1. If you know that you have a learning disability and can substantiate your claim, talk to your instructors before the semester begins.
2. If you think that you may have a specific learning disability, but are not sure, contact the ACCESS Office on campus.
3. Set realistic goals and priorities for coursework.
4. Keep only one calendar with all relevant dates, assignments, and appointments.
5. Use an audio recorder during lectures. Selectively record key points using the “pause” switch.
6. Listen to the recording after class as soon as possible to refresh your memory, then reorganize your notes. 
7. Make notes of any questions you might have, so that they can be answered before the next exam.
8. Sit toward the front of the classroom to maximize your eye contact and to reduce distraction. 
9. Estimate how long a given class assignment will take, generally planning on two hours outside of class for every hour in class. Build in study breaks. 
10. Provide adequate opportunities for questions and answers, including review sessions. 
11. If you are having trouble, seek campus support early in the semester.
12. Use campus support services (Priority registration, assistance in ordering textbooks, alternative testing arrangements, specialized student aids, peer support groups, diagnostic consultation, study skills development, and academic tutorial assistance.)