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Scheduling Tutoring Appointments

Students can schedule appointments by calling, emailing, or using the link below. Please be sure to review our tutoring appointment policies before scheduling an appointment. After scheduling an appointment a confirmation email will be sent to your student email that will include the details of your appointment and a link to fill out the Tutoring Agreement prior to your appointment. Paper copies are also available at the TLSC.

Tutoring Appointment

How to prepare for your tutoring appointment:

  • Make sure your webcam and microphone work (if virtual) 
  • Have questions ready for your tutor. 
  • Prepare materials ahead of time, such as notes, textbook, and homework. 
  • Be ready to participate in the tutoring session with your tutor.

During non-operational hours, students may use NetTutor for immediate assistance. 

Tutoring Appointment Policy

Before receiving tutoring, students are expected to complete or reread and renew their tutorial agreement at their first appointment of the semester.  


  • In order to receive free technical assistance and tutoring from Barstow Community College, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. Please carefully read the entire list and select "I agree" at the bottom of the page if you wish to schedule an appointment. 

  • Tutoring is limited to 45 minutes per subject, per day, and a maximum of three sessions per week. If you have an Academic Accommodation Plan for an extended time or for any other reason you would like recognized at your tutoring session, the plan must be included upon scheduling the appointment. 

  • You may request additional sessions above the 3-session maximum by emailing with the reason for your request. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of TLSC staff and director. 

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment without contacting the tutor or TLSC staff in advance, the tutor will be excused from the appointment, and the student marked as a "no-show." 

  • If a student is marked as a "no-show" twice within a four-week period without first contacting their tutor or TLSC staff or the student has excessive cancellations (4+ in a four-week period or 2+ in a one-week period), the student must meet with a member of staff prior to resuming tutoring appointments. 

  • Arrive to your appointment with all materials necessary to complete coursework available, this includes formulas and/or lecture material provided to you by your instructor and any other things you may need such as textbook, calculator, writing utensils, course syllabus, etc. 

  • Students are expected to have all homework and other materials completed (or at least a good faith attempt at completing) prior to the tutorial session and have appropriate questions prepared. 

  • Tutors cannot help students with any subjects outside of their listed capabilities. Students will be re-directed to make an appointment with a different tutor if they need additional help outside of the subject(s) they have requested tutoring for. 

  • Tutors will provide reinforcement of classroom instruction through demonstration, explanation, clarification, modeling, etc. Tutors will NOT: do your homework for you, “cram” with you for a last-minute study session, help you directly while taking a test or quiz, write your paper, give you the answer, give you a topic/idea, or perform under an unreasonable time limit. 

  • Student agrees that tutoring will not necessarily result in perfect work and does not guarantee an “A” or a passing grade. 

  • Should conflicts occur due to scheduling, personalities, or any other concerns between a student and tutor, the student must contact a Learning Support Services Specialist directly to make any appropriate changes or adjustments. 

During a scheduled tutoring session these standards must be followed: 

  • Student must abstain from using any derogatory or profane language while in the tutoring session. 

  • Student must be set up in a quiet space away from distractions. 

  • Student must not leave the computer during the session. 

  • Student must be respectful of the tutor’s time and show up ready to work, engaged, and focused. 

  • Student must treat their tutor with respect at all times and bring any issues to TLSC staff to resolve rather than confronting the tutor directly.