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Faculty Office Hours

Due to COVID 19, all faculty are holding their office hours online. To reach any of them, please refer to the Directory for their contact information.


Last/First Name Office Phone # Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Aboud, Ibrahim B13 7244          
Batarseh, Jacob B-7 7221          
Bento, Gustavo B-5 7239          
Blaine, Eric CTE 7611          
Blake, Carole D3 7235          
Bulkley, Scott T3-C 7301          
Duque, Rodolfo S5-A 7286          
Esperanza, Peter              
Firtha, Christie B9 7287          
Goldstein, Lewis T3-A 7246          
Greenlee, Elsa D4 7249          
Howey, Dawn B12 7278          
Jiang, Zhenying              
Karpel, Michael W-106 7315          
Macias, John Irwin/S5-B 7605          
Mendoza, Mynor              
Murphy, Jill S5-B/S12 7263          
Nalbandian, Chris T6-3 7340          
Nunes-Gill, Nancy D107 7234          
Nylander, Susan  B14 7284          
O'Neal, Roland CTE 6567          
Pasley, Denise D105 7210          
Puryear, Taylor T11/G7A 7338/7266          
Ramos, Nelson S3-A            
Ranney, Beverly T6-B 7280          
Rehfeld, Andrew B15-C 7244          
Ross, Amy PAC 104 7243          
Sage, Bret T6-D 7229          
Vartanian, Sona B8 7604          
Vasconcellos, R S3 7329          
Vizenor, Ashley              
Williams, Joseph  D105    7380ff          
Worland, J.  B15-D    7216yy