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Employee Giving


Every gift, large or small, contributes to our students’ success. Please join fellow BCC colleagues to help fund scholarships and other vital educational programs, which truly make a difference in the lives of Barstow Community College students, by joining the It Starts with Us employee giving campaign.

Our goal for the 2018-2019 Academic year is to increase the employee giving participation rate by 200%

Simply complete the EmployeeGivingContributionForm and return it to the Foundation Office or BCC Business Office to begin making monthly payroll deductions.

“…I would be nowhere without your support  & the incredible opportunity that was given to me both through your scholarship and my attendance at Barstow Community College.  Going to BCC was truly a fantastic and encouraging experience for me….I settled [on attending] BCC because of the incredible support that all the staff and faculty gave me in my education. I cannot thank you enough for supporting students … and giving me such a wonderful gift.  Your generosity is beautiful and has impacted me for life.”

  – Lucy Eaton, recent BCC graduate and Foundation Scholarship recipient

Thank you to our generous staff, faculty, and administrators who continually support the students of Barstow Community College so they can achieve their educational dreams. Your financial commitment is truly appreciated!


How Small Contributions Make a Difference

The power of giving is exponential!   The below chart shows the power of a small monthly payroll donation.

Payroll deduction             # Pay Periods              TOTAL               # of Employees              TOTAL             # Scholarships

          $3                  x          12 (1/mos)       =          $36          x               10                =           $360        =        1 ($350) 

          $5                  x          12  (1/mos)      =          $60          x               21                  =         $1,260      =      5 ($250)

        $10                  x          10 (1/mos)       =         $100        x               20                   =        $2,000      =     4 ($500) or 8 ($250)!

        $20                  x          12 (1/mos)      =          $240         x              25                   =        $4,800    =     9 ($500) or 19 ($250)!!!


TOGETHER, our gifts can make a greater impact!