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Barstow Community College Alum Honored with the Inaugural Exceptional Alumni Award

Barstow, CA- Barstow Community College has been and continues to be an institution where many Barstow residents launch their educational and professional careers. In seeing this, the Barstow College Foundation wanted to create an award to highlight the homegrown successes and what those look like beyond the town of Barstow. From this, theExceptional Alumni Award was created. An award that considered accomplishments in education, teaching, militaryservice, business success, service to community, philanthropy, and impact at local, state, national, and global levels.


Two years after the initial award was created, Barstow Community College (BCC) with the Barstow College Foundation, virtually celebrated the selected recipient of the Inaugural Exceptional Alumni award on April 15, 2022.Receiving the prestigious award is Michael Olguin, a 1984 honors graduate of the College. Michael, the CEO of Havas Formula, was born and raised in Barstow, with his 7 brothers and sisters. A sports fanatic, on and off the field, Michaelparticipated in basketball and cross country at Barstow High School and went on to play tennis at BCC. After receiving his associates degree, Michael went on to obtain his degree in journalism from San Diego State University.


Opening Havas Formula, a public relations agency, in 1992, Michael recently celebrated 30 years of success. Withnearly 200 employees, Havas Formula has grown to be one of the top PR firms in the country, with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Denver. Along with his professional success, Michael has remained close to his hometown, his family, and keeps close with many of his childhood friends, often consulting about their businesses with one another.


Mr. Olguin was not only humbled to be recognized for his accomplishments and be the inaugural recipient, but he also shared memories and wisdom he received along the way, passing on words of advice with current BCC students inattendance of this virtual celebration, as well as making a

$100,000 donation in the name of his parents, Gille and Vina Olguin. Education meant a lot to them, and the Collegegave him something he didn’t have when he started. His hope is that this donation will help those that might find themselves in the same situation.


Barstow Community College and the Barstow College Foundation invite you to view the virtual celebration of the Inaugural Exceptional Alumni award on the BCC YouTube channel at


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