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Frequently Asked Questions

a) Yes, face coverings are mandatory, unless in an office alone or are not able to maintain a safe distance (For example: Approximately 6 Ft. or more).

b) No, face coverings are required outdoors (except during outbreaks), regardless of vaccination status.

a) The vaccination status form can be provided confidentially to the District at any time by electronically submitting to:

a) No, not at this time.

b) Although vaccinations are not mandatory, the District strongly encourages all employees and students to get vaccinated to protect themselves as well as students, co-workers and family members. Doctors in the high desert area recently reported that virtually every new COVID case involves unvaccinated individuals.

a) No physical distancing or barriers are required regardless of employee vaccination status.

b) If an outbreak occurs with 3 or more cases in an exposed group of employees, social distancing and use of barriers changes may occur.

c) In-person classes scheduled for the first nine weeks and for 18 weeks of the 2021 fall semester have enrollment caps that allow for distancing in classrooms even though calOSHA has removed all distancing requirements.

a) Supplies can be requested by logging into the Single Sign Portal and clicking on the tile that says “Maintenance Work Orders & PPE Requests”. If the supply is not available, it will be reviewed and ordered for you

a) HVAC units are being cleaned, serviced and air filters are being replaced.

b) Bipolar Ionization Units are being installed on every HVAC unit campus-wide.

c) Portable air purifiers are deployed in large areas, higher traffic areas, or as designated.

d) Outside air flow is increased to help remediate and prevent pathogen transmission as recommended by ASHRAE and OSHA. The increased outside airflow creates positive pressure in the building blowing out any contaminated air. It also helps to increase the number of times the air is getting replaced.

a) High touch areas, like doors and handles, are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

b) Maintenance is trained to suit up properly and enter an area that requires disinfecting.

e) Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers are utilized, when required to disinfect surfaces with electrically charged particles for even, complete disinfecting coverage.

a) The reopening plan continues to serve as a guide to the District throughout the transition back to campus and has informed the purchase of equipment and supplies and the establishment of protocol and processes to safeguard staff, students and visitors on campus.

b) The contents continue to be revised based on regulatory guidance and evolving local conditions.

a) BCC must follow the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), California Occupational and Safety Health Administration (Cal OSHA), California Department of Public Health (CDPH), as well as the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (SBCDH).

b) In the event the above health agencies offer conflicting suggestions or policies, BCC will implement the Cal OSHA guidelines across our campus.

c) These guidelines are constantly changing and BCC’s protocols are subject to change based on new information from Federal, State, and County sources.

a) The District is implementing a module added to the Ready Education mobile app that BCC already uses. This module has been built to facilitate daily heath check-ins and notifications.

b) The mobile app can be used in lieu of the electronic campus access form.

c) The mobile app provides enhanced contact tracing information.

d) This mobile app will be available for all staff, students, and visitors.

a) Visitors Center, located in D-01 – The visitor center staff will provide assistance with daily health screenings, conduct temperature checks and provide directions to services on campus.

b) Anyone with a temperature over 100.3 F will be asked to wait five minutes and re-test.

c) After a second reading over 100.3 F, the person will be asked to leave campus.

d) Students can also contact the visitors center staff if they believe they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with a person that tested positive for COVID-19.

e) The visitor center staff can be reached by email and by phone (760) 252-2411, ext. 6123.

f) The above measures are intended to provide enhanced contact tracing information.

a) The COVID training can be accessed within the District’s learning management system called Everfi. The training is called Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment and can be accessed within the college’s single sign on platform.

a) Yes. All employees are required to complete the training prior to their return date and the training is already loaded in your queue within the training platform.

b) Completion is tracked within Everfi for all employees, there is no need to provide the District with a completion certificate.

a) If the person is an employee, contact your immediate supervisor.

b) If the person is a student or member of the public, remind them of the policy and offer them the necessary PPE to stay in compliance with current state and local, health and safety guidelines. If necessary, contact campus security.

a) Report your information into the daily assessment form in the Ready Education mobile app or online at

b) Stay home if you are not feeling well.

c) Notify your immediate supervisor.

d) Consider contacting your medical provider.

a) As directed by the District upon notification of an exposure, and based upon your vaccination status.

b) If/when directed by your medical provider.

a) Yes. The District will administer the tracking and tracing questionnaire and make a determination on next steps based on your responses and your vaccination status.

a) For Academic Affairs or Instruction, contact:

 i.Dr. Jennifer Rodden at or (760) 252-2411 ext. 7363

 ii.Dr. Crystal Nasio at or (760) 252-2411 ext. 7283

b) For Academic Support Services such as the tutoring, contact Bryan Asdel at or (760) 252-6715.

c) For Student Services or to register, contact The Welcome Resource Center at or (760) 252-6796. For additional information go to

d) For employees, contact Kim Young in Human Resources at

e) For building and facilities, contact Ken Young in Maintenance & Operations at

f) For technology, contact Bryce Prutsos in Information Technology at

a) Employees may be eligible for up to 80 hours of supplemental sick leave, retroactive to January 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021. In order to utilize this leave, an employee must complete the certification and request forms, which can be requested from Human Resources by contacting Kim Young at


a) Student Services will re-open to the public on August 2, 2021.

Hours of operation:

 • Monday – Thursday: 8:00am to 6:00pm (beginning August 2)

 • Friday: 8:00am to 12:00pm (beginning August 16)

b) Walk-ins are welcome.

c) In-person or virtual appointments can be made at

d) For additional information, go to:



a) Yes. The fall 2021 schedule provides for approximately 20% of classes to be taught in-person at the main campus or at Fort Irwin. Some of the classes taught in-person or with an in-person component include classes in Allied Health, Athletics, Auto Mechanics, Biology, Diesel, English, Electrical Technology, Industrial Maintenance, Elementary Education, ESL, Math, Student Development, and others. For more information about which classes are being taught in-person or online, navigate to the Schedule of Classes on the website. More information about programs and courses can also be obtained from the Catalog.

a) Yes. The LRC will be open, which means that the Teaching and Learning Support Center, located in the LRC, will be open for tutoring, computer lab, and other academic support services. The Library, also located in the LRC, will be open as well.

b) For the first nine weeks of the Fall semester, computers and furniture will be set-up to allow for distancing, even though CalOSHA has removed all distancing requirements.

c) The Teaching and Learning Support Center, as well as the Library, will continue to provide virtual support to students who do not feel comfortable to come on campus or who find virtual help more effective and convenient. Appointments for virtual or in-person support can be made at or by directly contacting the needed service.

d) For more information about the Teaching and Learning Support Center, please email or call (760) 252-2411 ext. 7288 . For more information about the Library, please email or call (760_ 252-2411 ext. 7270.

a) If you need to request for an accommodation to perform the essential functions of your job due to a disability, please contact Human Resources, Kim Young via email at as soon as possible. A questionnaire will be sent to you based on your specific needs. This request will be processed as confidential in accordance with applicable law. As the employer, the District is ultimately responsible for determining what a reasonable accommodation is by reviewing all of the pertinent information and the needs of each employee on a case-by-case basis. It should be noted; a portion of the questionnaire form will need to be completed by your physician/health care provider.

a) A form to provide your request can be completed at the following link:

b) Requests are generally limited to a maximum of 30 days.

a) To schedule an appointment with an IT technician, please click the following link: