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Public Service and Education

Public Service and Education are vital pillars of a well-functioning society. These services involve essential services and support to meet the community’s needs, justice, and the welfare of the people.  Education encompasses the process that facilitates learning, knowledge, skill development, and personal growth. It prepares individuals with the tools to understand what is necessary for the community. Public service and education work together to create a more equitable culture, creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential.

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Career Outlook

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022 wage data 


Teaching and Learning Support Center (TLSC)

Explore our tutoring and other academic support services to enhance your learning experience.


The Mindful Space

Discover our mental health services available to promote mindfulness and well-being.


Food Pantry and Basic Needs

Learn about our food pantry and fresh produce market along with hygiene items, clothing closet, and more.