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Springs Charter School Partnership - Start Your Career Now

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Take 1 Class and get BOTH

high school and college credit. 

Barstow Community College and Springs Charter school have a joint mission to assist students to complete college credits while enrolled in high school. Students can earn a high school diplomas as well as a college degree.

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Get Started in 5 EASY Steps!

  1. Complete the Spring Charter Interest Form.

  2. Complete the BCC Admissions Application.

    1. Need Help Applying? Follow the BCC Application Tutorial or Attend a BCC Viking VIP Help Meeting (Every Thursday 8am-5pm).

  3. Complete the Dual Enrollment Agreement

  4. Meet With Your Springs Charter Counselor for Approval

  5. You are Ready! Time for Class!

    1. Need Technical Assistance with Single Sign-On Portal, Canvas, Courses or Office 365? Contact the Teaching and Learning Support Center (TLSC) at (760) 252-7288 or 


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