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Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to evaluate curricular material such as new, revised, and updated courses and programs for accuracy and for compliance with both internal and external policies and procedures. Material is submitted to the Curriculum Committee by faculty members and, upon approval, is passed forward within the system as appropriate.

Description: The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee at Barstow Community College and acts as a subcommittee of the Academic Senate. The primary responsibility of the Curriculum Committee is the review and recommendation of curriculum to be approved by the Board of Trustees. Typical agenda items include:

  1. Proposed course additions, revisions, deletions, archiving, and reactivation.
  2. Proposed requirements for credit and non-credit courses.
  3. Proposed academic programs (certificates and degrees) additions, revisions, deletions, and archiving.
  4. Catalog descriptions, prerequisites, co-requisites, units, hours, CB coding.
  5. Standards for requisites or other issues related to student preparation and success
  6. Mode of instructional delivery (Online, hybrid, EVAR, etc.).

Committee membership is defined in the Curriculum Handbook as listed in Barstow Community College District policies. The committee serves as an advisory body to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and to the President.

Reports to: District Superintendent/President
Chairperson: Faculty member (selected from the faculty at-large)
Meetings: One to two per month
Members: Voting Members: Academic Senate President (or representative), Faculty Chair, Three (3) instructional (non-counseling) faculty division representatives appointed by the Academic Senate President (one rep from each of the Divisions), Three (3) faculty members elected by the faculty through Academic Senate elections (one faculty rep from each of the Divisions will be voted in by division faculty), Counselor, Librarian, Articulation Officer. [Pending Academic Senate approval – Faculty Distance Ed Coordinator or representative, Faculty SLO Coordinator, Basic Skills Coordinator or representative]
Advisory: Non-Voting Advisors: Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Instruction or other Instruction Office Designee, Dean of Workforce and Economic Development or Representative; Director of Information Technology or representative; Student Success representative; ASG Student representative; Instruction Office Coordinator.



Existing Course Revisions for

Existing Course Revisions/Transitions

New Credit or Non-Credit Course/Program or Existing Program

COR Template - Credit
COR Template - NonCredit
Course Modification Request
Credit Certificate Narrative
Credit Certificate Program Outline (Program Requirements)
2019 IMPORTANT DATES - Curriculum and Registration
Curriculum Flow Narrative
Distance Education Proposal Form
Materials Fee Request Form
New Course Approval Form
NonCredit Certificate Narrative
NonCredit Certificate Program Outline (Program Requirements)
Program Verification Form

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