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At the end of every semester, SAP is calculated for all students who were considered enrolled (remained in a class beyond the 20% point of the semester) during the semester. Calculations are cumulative, include all periods of enrollment and all units from transfer institutions that were posted to the student’s BCC transcript.


Students are sent notices at the end of each semester after SAP is calculated and directed to login to their account to view their newly calculated SAP status. Students may also receive this information in person at the Financial Aid Office.

Components of SAP

Qualitative: Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA

Pace: Students must complete 67% of cumulative units attempted.

Maximum Timeframe:
  • Once a student has completed an Associate Degree, aid eligibility will be suspended.
  • Students must complete their declared program of study within 150% of the published length of the program. Failure to complete a declared program by the number of allowable units will result in suspension of aid. BCC programs of study and maximum attempted units:
    • Associate Degree – 90 attempted units
    • High Unit Certificate – 27 attempted units
    • Mid Unit Certificate – 18 attempted units
    • Low Unit Certificate – 9 attempted units

Course Withdrawals, Incompletes, and Repetitions

Withdrawals before 20% of the semester will not count in attempted or completed units when calculating SAP. Withdrawals after 20% of the semester will count as attempted, but not completed and will adversely affect the Pace component of SAP.

Incompletes are granted in rare extenuating circumstances by instructors. Instructors are required to indicate the grade the student will earn if missing work is not submitted by the deadline. Incomplete grades are tracked as:

  • IB – equal to a B grade
  • IC – equal to a C grade
  • ID – equal to a D grade
  • IF – equal to an F grade
  • INP – equal to a “No Pass” for pass/no pass classes

Incompletes of IF or INP will be treated as failing the class and will count as attempted, but not earned. All other classes will act as attempted and earned. An incomplete will not calculate into the GPA so will only have an impact on Pace.

Effective Spring 2012, due to new federal regulations, there is a limitation on the number of times federal financial aid funds can be used to pay for a previously passed course. The regulations that students may receive federal financial aid funding for one repetition of a previously passed course. Students may receive aid while repeating previously failed courses.

Financial Aid Warning

Students who fail to meet the qualitative or pace component as described above, will be placed on warning. While on warning, the student is eligible to receive aid.

Financial Aid Suspension

Those students who do not achieve good SAP status after one semester of warning are placed on suspension and are not eligible to receive aid. In addition, those students who have exceeded their maximum timeframe or completed their program of study will also be suspended.

Financial Aid Appeal

Those students who are suspended from aid may appeal the loss of aid eligibility on the basis of: the student’s injury or illness, the death of a relative, or other special circumstances.

Financial Aid Probation

Those students granted an appeal are placed on financial aid probation and must follow the academic plan determined at the time of reinstatement. As long as the student continues to meet the academic plan requirements, loss of aid eligibility will not occur.

Financial Aid Termination

Students who do not meet academic plan requirements will be placed on a termination status. Students will be ineligible to receive financial aid.

Reestablishing Aid Eligibility

Students may reestablish aid eligibility after termination by meeting SAP qualitative (2.0 cumulative GPA) and pace progression (completion of 67% of units attempted). Once eligibility is reestablished the student will receive aid.

Students who appealed due to program completion or maximum timeframe who did not meet the academic plan requirements will remain terminated and cannot regain aid eligibility.

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