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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the Barstow College Promise Include? The Barstow College Promise Program will cover all student enrollment fees that are not covered by their financial aid reward and a book voucher (if funds are available) to be used at the Viking Bookstore (beginning in the Fall, and continuing through Spring and Summer semesters). 
  2. How do I apply for the Barstow College Promise? In order to apply for the BCP, you must complete the following steps:

    STEP 1: Apply to Barstow Community College

    STEP 2: Apply for the Barstow College Promise

    STEP 3: Apply for FAFSA or DREAM Act

    STEP 4: Orientation

    STEP 5: Assessment

    STEP 6: Meet with a Counselor

    STEP 7: Enroll in Classes

  3. What are my responsibilities as a participant?Participants in the Barstow College Promise Program must agree to: 

    1. Enrolling full time (minimum 12 units) for Fall and Spring terms only.

    2. Maintain academic progress, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, and a completion rate of about 50%.

    3. Attend a mandatory Barstow College Promise Orientation

    4. *Attend 3 Barstow College Promise workshop per semester

    5. *Turn in monthly progress reports

    6. *Meet with a Barstow Community College Counselor to complete a comprehensive Student Education Plan

    7. *Meet with the Barstow College Promise Advisor to register for Spring semester.

*Students who are on EOPS/Care or Calworks will complete these requirements through the EOPS/Care or Calworks programs. At any time program requirements can change.

  1. I am confused about what classes I need to take in order to graduate and/or transfer. Who can I talk to?

    One amazing benefit of the Barstow Community College Promise Program is that every student has complete access to the Barstow College Promise Student Success Advisor. The Advisor can assist student in:

    Picking our appropriate classes for the semester.

    Breakdown and explain the different requirements needed to transfer or receive an Associate’s Degree.

    Determining the best student support services to refer you to.

    Help you schedule an appointment to create a comprehensive education plan with a counselor that reflects your individual goals and vision.

  2. What will happen if I have to withdraw from a class halfway through the semester and will no longer be full time?

    If you need to withdraw from a course then all BCP recipients must first meet with the Barstow College Promise Advisor in order to assess and provide permission to withdraw on behalf of the Barstow College Promise Program.

  3. What do I need to use my Book Voucher?

    Each student will need to take a copy of their detailed schedule for the semester and a photo id to the Viking Bookstore in order to use the Book Voucher. A list of eligible students and the amount students have been awarded is updated weekly with the Viking Bookstore.

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