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Petition to Graduate

Enter name exactly as it is to appear on the diploma

Full Name

Phonetic Spelling - Optional

Please help us say your name correctly at Commencement. Indicate either the phonetic spelling of your name or a familiar word that rhymes with your name.


  • If your name is commonly mispronounced, tell us what not to say (for instance, "PED-er-son,” not Peterson)
  • If it rhymes with another word mention that other word (so if "Gough" is pronounced "GOFF" you might mention that it rhymes with "cough").
  • If it has an ending vowel, tell them whether to say the vowel or not (for instance Brekke; tell me if it is Breck or Brek-key.
Mailing Address

IGETC/ CSU GE Certification: Contact Counseling for more information