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Virtual Lobby/Walk-Ins AR

Just like you may wait in line to speak with a Student Services representative, a lobby is where students wait their turn after checking in by selecting a reason for the meeting.

This depends on how many students are in the lobby and how many staff members support them. During peak hours, please expect that there will be a longer than usual wait time. If you are not serviced by the end of the hours of operations for that department, you will be expected to come back at a different time.

When waiting in the lobby, you are generally expected to select a reason code, which is why you are in the lobby. If you do not check off that code, that may be the first indicator of the problem.

If you are kicked out of the lobby and haven’t been helped, it may be because the Student Services representative reached out to you, and you did not respond.

Be mindful of being present for the meeting and responding promptly.

Join the lobby by clicking below:


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