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Facility Rentals

All use of college facilities for public purposes will be granted in conformance with the California Education Code.
As delegated by the president, the CBO may grant the use of college facilities for public purposes in accordance with the rules adopted by the Governing Board.
Groups may not use college facilities for purposes which shall be inconsistent with college purposes or which will interfere with college operation.
Rental charges shall conform to the schedule adopted by the Governing Board. This schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the Board.
The use of college facilities shall not be granted to persons, firms, corporations, groups, clubs or associations:
    1. Which desire the overthrow of the government of the United States or the State of California by force or violence.
    2. When such use may be reasonably expected to expose the property of the district to damage through riots, mobs, or violence.
    3. When such use of the property would be contrary to the best interests of the district.
Use of district property shall be under supervision of an authorized representative of the BCCD, who shall have authority to open facilities upon presentation of the applicant’s copy bearing approval of the authorized administrator.
Smoking is not permitted on campus or in buildings except in designated areas. The use of intoxicants, narcotics,profane language, quarreling, or gambling shall not be permitted. Violations of these or any other regulations of the California Education Code §82537, 82542 during occupancy shall be sufficient cause for denying further use of college premises to the organization.
The number of people present shall not exceed the posted seating capacity for the building. This is a FIRE REGULATION. The use of any material or device which constitutes a fire hazard is expressly prohibited.
College facilities will be available contingent upon appropriate supervision and security as determined by the district. Fees for those facilities will be assessed based upon the specific needs of the organizations requesting use. Special arrangements must be made for use of equipment, supplies, etc. and appropriate charges will be made. All additional property and/or equipment not owned by the college, but provided or rented by lessee, must meet all applicable city, county, state and federal safety requirements.
Use by religious groups for fundraising and other purposes, not religious in nature, shall be processed in the regular manner, with the Fair Rental Valuerate applied. Use of school buildings or grounds may be granted to any church or religious organization for the conduct of religious services for temporary periods when such church or organizations has no suitable meeting place. Such use may be provided and charges at least equal to the Direct Cost of the facilities or grounds must be levied.
Adequate adult supervision and sponsorship is required of all juvenile and youth groups requesting facilities.
Equipment, materials, or supplies of any nature that is the property of BCCD is not to be loaned to outside organizations for use away from the college premises.
Any privilege granted by the BCCD shall be revocable at any time by the president, and such privilege shall be revoked when any application contains false statements or any organization or any member of the group willfully violates the rules and regulations governing the use of college facilities.
College property must be protected from damage and mistreatment and ordinary precautions of cleanliness maintained. Groups shall be responsible for returning any furniture or equipment which has been moved from its proper place. In cases where college property has been damaged or abused beyond normal wear, the same shall be paid for by the organization involved.
The Barstow Community College District requires that any individual, group, or organization requesting the use of district property submit a Certificate of Insurance naming the District as an additional insured with property damage and liability limits of not less than one million dollars. Higher limits of property damage or liability may be required by the District depending upon the nature and scope of activities to be performed.
In accordance with the provisions of the Education Code §82537, 82542 the Board of Trustees of the Barstow Community College District will grant the use of school buildings and grounds for public, literary, scientific, recreational, educational or public agency meetings for the discussion of matters of general or public interest. District facilities identified as Civic Centers are available for community use when such use does not conflict with District programs and operations. The terms and conditions of such use will be determined by the board-approved administrative procedures and other applicable limitations, requirements and restrictions contained in the Education Code.
Direct Cost
Fee Class I users may include nonprofit organizations, and groups and associations organized for general educational or welfare purposes, such as:
    1. Off campus student clubs and organizations.
    2. Fundraising entertainments or meetings where admission fees charged or contributions solicited are expended for the welfare of the students of the district.
    3. Parent-teachers’ associations.
    4. School-community advisory councils
    5. Campfire Girls, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops.
    6. Senior citizens’ organizations.
    7. Other public agencies with reciprocal use agreements.
    8. Organizations, clubs, or associations organized for cultural activities and general character building or
    9. Registered political organizations are permitted to use facilities at no charge providing their presence is educational in nature and/or does not interfere with the normal operations of the college. ID # required.
Fair Rental Value
    1. Churches or religious organizations using college facilities or grounds for the conduct of religious services (Education Code §82530 & 82542).
    2. Commercial (profit-making) organizations.
    3. Any group holding a meeting/entertainment where admission fees are charged or contributions solicited which are not expended for the welfare of BCCD students or for charitable purposes.
    4. Paid petition gathering.
Payment of fees must be made at least ten (10) working days prior to the first scheduled use or permit will be cancelled.
    1. Proof of Insurance shall be required for all organizations using BCCD facilities.
    2. Only the organization whose name is on the application is approved to use the facility.
    3. The use of restrooms is included in each rental.
    4. Additional charges may be required for labor (e.g., custodial, setup, etc.)
    5. Charges for additional equipment, preparation of athletic fields, supplies and personnel will be determined by the responsible supervisor based on the nature of the event and the facilities requested.
    6. VCRs, large screen TVs, PA system, and other media equipment may be rented at an additional cost.
    7. The rules and regulations shall be read and the groups must agree to hold the BCCD harmless from any liability or damage, which may result from the use of college facilities.
College buildings, grounds, and facilities may be leased from the Board of Trustees as long as such property is not needed for college purposes during the term of the lease. Rental for property leased shall be the Fair Rental Value as determined by the rental schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees.
Applications for leases shall be made to the Barstow Community College District Civic Center and College Event Manager. All general terms for use of facilities apply to leases except the requirement for meetings to be open to the public.
Lessee agrees to take out and keep in force during the life hereof at lessee’s expense public liability and property damage insurance against any liability to the public, incidental to the use of or resulting from any accident occurring in or about said premises, in the amount of ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000) single limit. Said policy shall name the Barstow Community College District as an additional insured and be placed on file with the lessor.
Fees are for facilities only and are subject to change without notice. 
Facility   4-Hour Rate 8-Hour Rate
Main-Stage Theater    
Fair Market Value $600.00 $1,100.00
Direct Cost $300.00 $550.00
Black Box Theater    
Fair Market Value $320.00 $540.00
Direct Cost $160.00 $280.00
Fair Market Value $320.00 $540.00
Direct Cost $160.00 $280.00
Dance Studio    
Fair Market Value $240.00 $450.00
Direct Cost $140.00 $280.00
Fair Market Value $400.00 $750.00
Direct Cost $200.00 $350.00
$ 2 per ticket facility preservation fee for all main-stage events charging admission
$ 1 per ticket facility preservation fee for all events in other facilities charging admission 
Board approved 2/19/14
Event Support
Cost will be calculated on a per-event basis, depending on time and resources needed. There will additional charges if equipment or technical support is required.  
The application for use of college facilities shall be made on the forms provided by the college. An authorized representative of the group applying must certify the application.
The application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to requested date, unless waived by the college president as an emergency. Permission to use facilities will be granted only for the current semester unless and until the needs for instructional purposes for the following semester have been determined.
The application shall contain:
    1.The name of the organization
    2.Name, address, title and telephone number of the authorized representative.
    3.Type of purpose of the organization.
    4.Facilities requested and the date and time of use.
    5.Use for which any admission charge shall be put.