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...Lavanne Pennington

Lavanne Pennington

There's no "I" in Team or "Me" either...

...You never know your true value to a group or learning team until you have to deliver "one for the team." I learned to transfer the team experience and culture on the basketball court to my fellow classmates and give 100% each and every time! In the classroom, I talk in coaching terms to make sure everyone knows how we are to deliver the end product or the final presentation. Knowing how to execute comes from years of practice, being coached and lessons from the classroom.

Coach Howard (BCC head basketball coach) said to me once "You can always be a great player on the court but you won't go anywhere without being a great player in the classroom also." I've carried that piece of advice into the classroom and often times find success.

The life lessons from sports are immeasurable. BCC has taught me the true meaning of team learning.

Lavanne Pennington is a transfer student who has signed a letter of intent to play basketball at San Jose State University and will study sports management.