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Barstow Community College is an open-access learning environment that promotes critical thinking, communication, personal and professional responsibility, and global awareness by offering quality courses, programs, and support services.
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...Marcia Zableckis

Marcia Zableckis

Learning is a process we are all involved in…

We all play a role in student learning and student success. If we are all not doing our parts, our students will not succeed. It's that simple. As a teacher, it was my responsibility to think about the concepts and present lessons in meaningful ways so that students could internalize the material. Now, as a trustee, it is my job to keep a wider view, a broader perspective, on learning… What is important is that we continue to learn, all throughout our entire lives. I had a love of learning when I attended BCC and it is important that we instill that love of learning in our students today.

Marcia Zableckis
BCCD Board of Trustees