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Barstow Community College is an open-access learning environment that promotes critical thinking, communication, personal and professional responsibility, and global awareness by offering quality courses, programs, and support services.
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...Arthur Montiel

Arthur Montiel

Slowly I began to contribute and be a leader myself

...When I first came to community college, I was afraid…I really was. I would sit in the back of class and think to myself…I cannot succeed at this. But you see, prior to coming to community college I did not understand what school was…why it was important. I've matured…with every success, I thought more and more, 'I could do this.'

What I learned most here at BCC is group learning. This started in my basic skills courses. In groups, we support each other's learning…we work together…with a common goal. I do not get things right off the bat. With group learning I could rely on my peersbut slowly I began to contribute and be a leader myself.