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Barstow Community College is an open-access learning environment that promotes critical thinking, communication, personal and professional responsibility, and global awareness by offering quality courses, programs, and support services.
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...Apineru Lealofi

Apineru Lealofi

Together, the student and I build a road map to their goals…

The number one thing I want students to learn after they have worked with me is a sense of self-efficacy, a sense they are empowered to reach their goals. They need to visualize their goals as attainable… once they do, it opens other windows, other doors.

Students often come with an educational goal, but they do not know how to reach it… I help them get there.

Developing a plan of action and learning how to access resources are critical. Together, the student and I build a road map to their goals, not one set in stone because there are always different routes to take and things change… and learning how to navigate to overcome barriers is something students can take with them throughout life.

Apineru Lealofi
BCC Counselor/Articulation Officer