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Barstow Community College is an open-access learning environment that promotes critical thinking, communication, personal and professional responsibility, and global awareness by offering quality courses, programs, and support services.
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...Robin Grove

Robin Grove

Critical thinking was an awakening experience… MLK and Helen Keller made sense!

The teaching of critical thinking for me was an awakening, and writers we discussed throughout the semester, like MLK and Helen Keller, made sense on levels I never knew before. That was something I didn't expect as I returned to school to finish my degree.

Group projects was another new concept—working on projects as a group is a direct analogue to real life and on-the-job experiences that one will face. Most important in group experiences is balance and compromise, and knowing when to use judgment to get the work done.

As a former business owner and a military wife, I learned to be a quick study and adapt to my environment and surroundings. But I always wanted to go back to school and finish what I started some 20 years earlier. I helped my husband get through college and my son and daughter have taken classes at BCC too. So I returned to school to get my degree, and what a reward it has been! I wanted to be the example of what success, commitment and completion looks like…for me, for my family.