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Barstow Community College is an accredited, open access institution of higher learning committed to providing our students, community, and military population with the educational tools to achieve personal goals and professional growth.
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Equity Report 2010

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The campus based research component of the Barstow Community College Student Equity Plan is designed to bring together credible evidence from a variety of sources and types to help determine the activities and interventions that positively affective student success for all students. (5 CCR ยง 54220(a)(1)) .

The goal of the evidence collected was to facilitate meaningful dialogue about the issues facing our students to continuously improve our programs and services to meet student needs. (II.B.; ACCJC Institutional Effectiveness Rubric). Moreover, the use of data is intended to foster a culture of inquiry at the institution, a specifically identified priority in the BCC Strategic Plan (Barstow Community College Strategic Priority 6). As a result, themes and trends in the data were the primary focus of review.