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Accessibility on the Barstow College Site

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This site has been designed to be accessible to people with many kinds of disabilities. The tab key will take the user from link to link, so those who cannot use a mouse can get to the location they want to. The form elements have been labelled so that there is no question what should be typed into a form box. The structure and content are separated, and headings are marked with a heading tag to identify the structure.

Every page, except the home page and some very low-level pages, has two initial invisible links.

The first skips someone with a screen-reader type device to the content of the page.

The second link skips to the left-hand navigation list. This link is missing on pages without local menus.

The graphic at the top of the page has alt tags on all hotspots. Someone with a screen-reader or text browser will see or hear the alt tags.

In addition, selected links have been coded with an accesskey to allow easy movement. These access keys are the same on all pages. They are listed in the table below. To use them in browsers that support the access key function, hold down the Alt key in WIndows or the Cmd key on Macintoshes at the same time as the code listed.

Access Key codings
Access key code Location skipped to
0 This web page about accessibility.
1 The home page of the web site.
2 The current page's content.
3 The local navigation menu.
4 The search box.
5 The drop-down box to choose a section.
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Skip to content. Access key = 2.  Go to local menu. Access key = 3.