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Having trouble figuring out how to operate your online class? Want to know how to start, where to post, and just what you are supposed to be doing?

Come visit the student tutors in the Student Success Center (Building K) the first week of your online class, or the week before if you choose, and get specialized help navigating your class website. You can view the instructions below if you are unable to come in to the campus.

Barstow College has free computer and internet use with modern equipment and student tutors standing by to help you. No appointment is necessary; however you may make an appointment if you wish by calling the Tutoring Lab at 760-252-2411 x7261.



  • You must have an email account.
    • If you do not have an account with your internet provider, you may obtain a free email account from yahoo.com, gmail.com, or hotmail.com. Go to the website of your choice and open an account. Be sure you that you enter your instructor's email address in your contacts or be sure you do not set your junk mail filter on low.
  • Go to bcconline.com.
  • Click "All Sessions" on the left side of the screen under Online Classes & Services.
  • Scroll down and click the course you are enrolled in.
    • Be sure it's the correct class (verify the CRN with the one you registered for). Note: If you try to find your class before the start date, it probably won't be listed until the weekend before the class is scheduled to begin.
  • Click "Syllabus".
    • During the first week that the class begins, you must complete the Syllabus in order to remain active and gain access to the all of the lessons. The instructor may drop you from the class if the syllabus is not submitted during the first week of class. Start completing the form by filling out your name, etc. at the top and then reading down and following the instructions all the way through the syllabus. Barstow College allows students to preview the first lesson, the syllabus, and information about the instructor so that students can make an informed decision about a course.
  • After completing the syllabus, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
    • It's always a good idea to print out the syllabus and highlight assignments and due dates. Now you can proceed to the first lesson.
  • Return to the class home page by clicking "Home" at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the other links listed on the home page for more information you may need to know.
("About the Instructor", "Course Schedule", "Copyright Statement", etc.). The Tutorial Area will explain how to navigate the online website. The Barstow College Online Tutoring will explain how to get tutoring for your class. You will not need the proctor form if you are able to come to the scheduled exams at the Barstow or Ft. Irwin campuses.

You can access the first lesson by clicking "Lesson One" link.

Note the due date for each lesson below the link. Most instructors require weekly lessons. Read the lesson and do the work assigned by the due date. Also note the due dates for the Mid-Term and Final. BE SURE TO CONTACT THE COMPUTER LAB FOR THEIR HOURS at (760) 252-2411 x7288. Don't assume they will be open until the last date of your test. If your test will be proctored at a location other than Barstow College, be sure you send the Proctor Form to your instructor and make the necessary arrangements.

To gain access to the rest of the lessons, you must enter your username and password (see homepage of your course to figure out your username and password). Remember, do not capitalize any part of your username or password, or you will not gain access to your course.

Click "Discuss" at the bottom of the class home page to go to the Discussion Board.

You will probably also be required to post to the Discussion Board weekly as directed in your lesson or the syllabus. Type in your user name and password

To gain access to the Discussion Board, enter your username and password - first four letters of your last names followed by the last four digits of your social security number in lower case. The user name and password are the same. You will probably see several links. Continue to follow the link for the weekly assignment that corresponds to the lesson you must complete until you see your classmates' postings.

One of the links will probably see will be the instructor's posting area where the instructor will often post messages to all students. Be sure to check this link regularly but do not post here yourself unless directed to do so by your instructor. You should view any other links as directed by your instructor.

Other links may include shortcuts back to the class homepage or the lesson links.

Some instructors may post their quizzes in these links as well.

When you find your classmates' postings, scroll to the bottom of the page to type in your assignment.

Type your assignment in the blank box under "Add Your Message Here".

Click "Preview/Post Message".

Your message will appear at the top of the screen so that you can review it and check for errors before posting. You may cancel the post if you wish to correct it. Be sure to copy it though so you won't have to retype the whole thing.

Click "Post Message" when you are ready to post.

After it is posted, it will appear with your classmates' postings at the bottom of the list of postings.

You can email the instructor by clicking the "Email" link at the bottom of the home page. Some instructors may give you specific instructions in the syllabus for contacting them.

Be sure you keep copies of correspondence, quizzes and assignments submitted, etc. in case you ever need to verify work that was submitted but not received by the instructor.

Don't forget that free tutoring is available to BCC students for just about all subjects offered.

NOTE: Tutoring is provided for almost all BCC classes. Please see the Tutorial Services Specialist if your class is not listed here.

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