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Barstow Community College offers "lower division" general education and major preparation courses. You will want to complete the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) if you're interested in transferring to a University of California campus or are undecided.

Complete the California State University General Education pattern if you are interested in transferring to a Cal State University campus. See Transfer Planning Checklist

Major Preparation
To prepare for upper-division transfer, you must first choose a major, then decide which colleges and universities offer that major and which of those you would be interested in attending. You can use Exploring Majors on the ASSIST website to find programs of study at all CSU and UC campuses.

ASSIST www.ASSIST.org will provide you with the required major preparation courses needed to transfer by major.

Each UC and CSU campus has different requirements for each major. Be sure to research your major before making an appointment with a Barstow Community College counselor. For more information about researching your major please contact or stop by the Transfer & Career Planning Center; Student Services bldg. C 42 or 760-252-2411 ext. 7321 or transfer@barstow.edu.

Impacted majors, which have more applications than can be accommodated, have additional requirements. If you are planning to transfer to an impacted program, make an appointment with your counselor to make sure you are following the correct transfer pattern.

University of California Transfer Requirements
Upper Division Transfer students will be eligible for admission if they meet the following requirements:
  • Complete a minimum of 60 UC-transferable semester units or 90 transferable quarter units.
  • Obtain a minimum 2.4 GPA (2.8 for California non-residents). At many UC campuses, admission is competitive and the required GPA can be significantly higher.
  • Complete the following course pattern with a grade of “C” or better in each course:
    • Complete two transferable college courses in English Composition (3 semester units or 4-5 quarter units each)
    • Complete one transferable course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units).
    • Complete four transferable college courses (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units each) from at least two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences.

The majority of UC campuses give high priority to students who have completed major preparation courses. Students who complete the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern prior to transfer to the UC system will satisfy the transfer eligibility coursework listed in item 3 above.

Visit the University of California website for more information.
Seven UC campuses offer guaranteed admission to community college transfer students who participate in the Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) program. Meet with a Barstow Community College counselor, visit the transfer center and visit the TAG website for more information.

California State University Transfer Requirements
  • Complete a minimum of 60 CSU-transferable semester units or 90 transferable quarter units.
  • Obtain a minimum 2.0 GPA (2.4 for California non-residents). GPA requirements may be significantly higher if the campus or the major is impacted.
  • Complete at least 30 semester units (or 45 quarter units) of courses equivalent to general education requirements with grades of “C” or better. The 30 units must include the “Golden Four” (Area A-1: Oral Communication; Area A-2: Written Communication; Area A-3: Critical Thinking; and at least one course of at least 3 semester units (or 4 quarter units) in Area B-4: Mathematics/Quantitative reasoning).
It is highly recommended that students complete either the CSU GE Breadth or IGETC certification pattern prior to transferring to the CSU system.

You can visit CSUMentor to explore campuses and for more information.

Private Universities
California's fully accredited independent colleges and universities provide a host of options at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels for students planning to continue their education beyond community college. Some colleges and universities require a certain number of completed units before considering students eligible for transfer. Other will accept students at any time. The requirements are outlined in the respective college catalogs.

Since admissions requirements vary by campus, students planning on transferring to a private college should meet with their counselor to develop and educational plan.

Below Link will help you to know more about Independent California Colleges and Universities:

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