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How do I qualify?

To be eligible for support services or instruction authorized under Title V, a student must have an impairment or illness which results in an educational limitation.  This illness or limitation must be verified by a doctor or previous school.  We will try and help you obtain this information, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to bring this verification to us. 

In addition, you must be a student at the college and have a Student Education Contract in place (developed by our counselor).  Eligibility for each service provided must be directly related to one of the disability categories cited in Sections 56032 through 56044 of “Title V,” California Code of Regulations.  Please see below for Disability Categories.

Disability Categories

  • Physical Disability:  A visual, mobility or orthopedic impairment.
  • Communication Disability:  Defined as an impairment in the processes of speech, language, or hearing.
  • Learning Disability:  Defined as a persistent condition of presumed neurological dysfunction which may exist with other disabling conditions.  Our LD specialist can evaluate you for a learning disability if you suspect you have a problem learning.
  • Acquired Brain Impairment:  A verified deficit in brain functioning which results in a total or partial loss of cognitive, communicative, motor, psycho-social, and/or sensory-perceptual abilities.
  • Developmentally Delayed Learner:  A student who exhibits below-average intellectual functioning, yet shows potential for measurable achievement in an instructional or employment setting.
  • Psychological Disability:  A persistent psychological or psychiatric disorder, or emotional or mental illness, such as depression, bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia.
  • Other Disabilities:  Includes all students with illnesses that do not fall into any of the above categories, yet who indicate a need for support services.  This category includes such illnesses as diabetes, back injury, cerebral palsy or seizures. 
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